program trading

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program trading

Automatic trading of large blocks of stock or other securities based on algorithms that respond to market conditions.

program trader n.

program trading

(Stock Exchange) trading on international stock exchanges using a computer program to exploit differences between stock index futures and actual share prices on world equity markets

pro′gram trad`ing

the use of computer programs that automatically buy and sell large quantities of stock.
pro′gram trad′er, n.
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Noun1.program trading - a trading technique involving large blocks of stock with trades triggered by computer programs
trading - buying or selling securities or commodities
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In this paper, the stochastic dominance theory is applied to test the dominance relations among program trading strategies and select the optimal program trading strategy for investors, judge the profitability of program trading strategies and thus verify the efficiency of China's stock market indirectly.
Program trading encompasses a wide range of portfolio-trading strategies involving the purchase or sale of a basket of at least 15 stocks.
The idea is to avoid providing numbers that will just prompt program trading.
Previous researchers have considered the possible effect of program trading on volatility, a proposition which requires a model for the natural evolution of volatility.
Asked to identify their concerns, respondents most frequently mentioned program trading, volatility, and their feeling that the market was controlled by large institutional investors.
Something more like scoring public relations points by capitalizing on the public's misconceptions about program trading.
Although program trading has become a catch-allphrase, it usually refers to "arbitrage," which sounds daring but is actually a strtegy that institutional investors can use to lock in risk-free profits by exploiting differnces that develop between the value of teh actual stocks and the futures contract.
The Program Trading Desk will specialize in the trading of equity portfolios leveraging the firm's electronic platform.
Make no mistake about it, the long-run survival and vitality of our domestic securities market does not depend primarily on the introduction of circuit breakers, prohibitions on program trading, restrictions on index arbitrage, tighter short-sale restrictions, or any other intrusive regulatory mechanisms.
CHICAGO & NEW YORK -- HTG Capital Partners, LLC (HTG) announced today that it is actively seeking program trading proposals from the trading community, including commodity trading advisors and programmers.
At BarCap, Di Iorio will oversee the firm's equities trading business in Asia-Pacific, including cash equities, convertibles, derivatives, arbitrage and program trading.

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