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AU cited an InnerChange document that asserted, "All programming all day, every day is Christ-centered.
The camp experience has moved beyond the boundaries of programming solely for traditional audiences.
com Year established: 2002 Number of ag employees: 7 69 stations in OH and WV all carrying farm programming.
In fact, $5,000 at Near Urban has been utilized to facilitate programming over the course of three semesters.
The FY2006-2011 Cryptologic Planning and Programming Guidance is updated yearly and focuses the extended enterprise on key issues to facilitate interoperability and integration among the partners.
Without adequate class space for career programming, students crisscrossed town to attend various programs at different high schools.
The much larger Title I program, which sponsors compensatory education for disadvantaged students, also funds programs, usually of the ESL variety, for LEP students, Nevertheless, Title I and Title VII programs can be coordinated at the state level to provide bilingual programming.
85-864), new ideas and activities were passed on to the burgeoning number of school counselors, and Baker was able "to engage in proactive guidance programming for the first time" (p.
This potentially powerful, but often untapped, resource is the public access programming component of the cable television industry.
Three components are especially useful in this regard: individualized programming, the spirit of the facility "community," and the qualifications of the activities staff.
A subsequent survey by the Independent Living Research Utilization program (ILRU) provided data for the formation of the ILRU National Database on Independent Living Programs, upon which several analytic activities were conducted, including a broad look at the general tendencies in this type of programming (Nosek, Jones, Roth, & Zhu, submitted), and an examination of the relationship between adherence to the independent living "center" model and levels of compliance with Federal requirements for the receipt of Title VII Part B funding (Nosek, Jones, Roth, & Zhu, in press).
com/reports/c46832) has announced the addition of Beginning Programming for Dummies, 4th Edition to their offering.

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