progressive aspect

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: aspect - the aspect of a verb that expresses its on-going action
durative, durative aspect - the aspect of a verb that expresses its duration
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The "pathways" concept is utilized to reflect on the progressive aspect of prevention, structuring the possibilities and privileging certain responses.
The religious parties should highlight progressive aspect of Islam, and shun sectarianism.
Wilson notes, 'The struggle to protect the Grunewald demonstrates the rational and progressive aspect of the forest discourse' (p.
On historical grounds, the progressive aspect is generally considered to stem from the Old English (OE) construction be + present participle as in he w&s huntende (1).
The progressive aspect, then, namely relates to a situation which is in progress at a particular time and which may have limited duration or be incomplete, and is signalled by the--ing ending of a verb in English (Greenbaum and Quirk 1990: 53).
There are also a habitual aspect and two kinds of progressive aspect: durative progressive and focalized progressive, which can in turn combine with other aspectual oppositions.
These have comprehensively dismantled a general picture of the socially progressive aspect of Puritanism and in particular the association between Milton and Puritan movements.
The most progressive aspect of this book is that it demonstrates the working principles of design thinking.
In other words, when there is an agent who is engaged in a certain activity intentionally, this gives children cues about the ongoingness of the event, which goes with a progressive aspect. Wagner cites Asher (1992), who proposes that intentionality is encoded into the interpretation of ongoingness via the perspective function (2002: 113).
In total, 243 claims were examined for uses of modality, hedging, presupposition, and the progressive aspect. Results claim that articles used modality, hedging, and the progressive aspect to create strategic ambiguity that was resolved ideologically through presuppositions that reflect the assumptions of 'the new capitalism.' Results indicate that discursive stability is not solely a semantic issue but may occur pragmatically and syntactically as texts are structured to displace existing knowledge within contested spaces.
As in the case of the first English sample, we find that the only two expanded forms which appear in this sample are in accordance with the dual pattern that associates achievement verbs such as caure [fall] with a perfective form, to indicate the completion of a punctual action with an end result, and activity verbs such as plorar [cry] with the progressive aspect indicating duration.
This anthology thus juxtaposes the inherently progressive aspect of Neapolitan social and political reformers with the patently spiritual bent of its philosophers and mystics.

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