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Zain Ali came to the forefront with the incredible progressive jazz band Red Blood Cat.
WOLVERHAMPTON: 1.55 The British Lion, 2.25 Progressive Jazz, 3.00 RAVEN'S LADY (NAP), 3.30 Breathless Times, 4.05 Pulsating, 4.35 Hisar, 5.05 Valitop, 5.35 Crindle Carr.
With lively brass, mesmerizing percussion and tight grooves, the songs show off each of the group's eight distinct musical voices that creates their signature blend of funk, soul, psychedelic rock, R&B, progressive jazz and Afrobeat.
The music moves on to some progressive jazz quartet, before switching to Boz Scaggs' 1976 album 'Silk Degrees.'
Following on, the Belgian trio Dock In Absolute will be combining "progressive jazz, classical and rock, playing the pianist's own compositions in a fresh approach to jazz which has allowed them to push boundaries, and to explore the potential of a new unique wave of sounds while adding strength to the jazz field." The last act of the evening, the Carmen Souza Trio from Portugal will be delighting with "a delicious recipe of African/Cape Verde roots wrapped around jazz, in what Downbeat has called a "Recipe for Artistic success, led by Souza's amazing vocal talent, inquisitive and meaningful lyrics complement the band's singular compositions."
My friends and I were encouraged to begin collecting music, inspired by our neighbor and local postman, Carl Browne, who owned every Progressive Jazz recording available.
by Fran Achcroft (Dandy Warhals, Gorillaz, etc.)), Richtaste (Indie Rock Produced by Pat Aeby (Krokus)), Han Drabur (Blues, Rock), Respect (Dancehall, Reggae, World, Pop), Mister Sir (Heavy Metal, Hard Rock), 60 Wrap$$ (HipHop, Rap, Dancehall), Kapital A (HipHop, Dancehall), Steve Tilelli (Progressive Jazz, Guitar Aficionado), Woodcock Group (Jazz), Mov Sessian Project (Klezmer, World Music), Vicki Kiely (Adult Contemporary, Pop).
They got the ball rolling with a "warmup" number -- a piece of straight-up progressive jazz. Drummer Borislav Petrov drove the tune forward with impressive force and grace, creating ample space for Roe and contrabassist Lucas Dols to practice their improv licks.
in the second half the SK2 Jazz Orchestra, led by Hudderseld drummer Dave Tyas, will showcase the sound of Stan Kenton, who made his name with 'progressive jazz', playing numbers such as Artistry in Rhythm and Decoupage.
Grandiose yet earthy, their progressive jazz is played with grubby mittens.
BB&C are on from 8pm and there is more at If some homegrown progressive jazz with Afrobeat overtones played by one of the stalwarts of the contemporary UK scene in a "group discussion" with some of his younger musical friends sounds like your thing, then you will be at the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton.
7 GORAN KAJFES, X/Y (Headspin) Little-known outside his home country, this Croatian-born young Swedish trumpeter unveiled an invigorating double CD of loose-limbed, multiculti progressive jazz (picking up where the likes of Miles Davis, Don Cherry, and Jon Hassell left off) and steamy fourth-world ambience.

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