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1. The principles and practices of political progressives.
2. Progressive education.

pro·gres′siv·ist n.
pro·gres′siv·is′tic adj.


characteristic of a progressivist
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The "mania" explanation typifies a pathological model, essentially progressivistic. Robert Scribner thus sums up the evolution of witch hunts: "An accusation of witchcraft is brought against an individual and stirs up deep-seated fears and anxieties; persons are interrogated, accomplices sought, confessions made and other persons named; the list of suspects grows longer as the activity of witchcraft is revealed as a widespread conspiracy, precipitating a moral panic in the community at large.
The philosophy presupposed by and guiding this mode of team operation has strong progressivistic or even anarchistic overtones.
For more on Conrad's reception of progressivistic thinking generally see Brian W.