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One of the stubby limbs on the abdominal segments of caterpillars and certain other insect larvae.


(Zoology) any of the short paired unjointed appendages on each abdominal segment of a caterpillar and any of certain other insect larvae
[C19: from pro-1 + leg]



one of the abdominal ambulatory processes of caterpillars and other larvae, as distinct from the true or thoracic legs.
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Abbreviations employed include the following: AD, anterodorsal; AV, anteroventral; AT, total number of sensilla on the anterior face; hrl, hair-like; PD, posterodorsal; PV, posteroventral; PT, total number of sensilla on the anterior face, excluding NS, natatory sensilla Appendage Location Coxa Femur Tibia Tarsus AD 7-8 7-8 1 1 AV 6-8 14-17 2 0-1 AT 13-16 21-25 3 1-2 Proleg PD 6-8 2-4 + 1 2-3 + 1 2-3 + 1 hrl + 1 hrl + 1 hrl + 1 PV 5-6 6-10 4-5 4-5 PT 11-14 10-16 8-9 8-10 NS 0 0 5-7 2-3 AD 7-11 15-21 7-10 1 AV 6-10 17-23 7-9 7-9 AT 13-21 32-44 14-19 8-10 Metaleg PD 6-9 3-5 + 1 hrl 1 hrl + 1 1 hrl + 1 PV 6-10 8-11 4-6 0-1 [PT.
At each time point 0-24 h post infection (hpi) hemolymph was collected from 10 larvae bled through a punctured anterior proleg into ice cold phosphate buffered saline as described (Shelby & Popham 2008).
Body elongated, segmented pale brown color, divided into head, thorax and abdomen; antennae small; eyes small; paired anterior proleg behind the head and one pair of posterior leg are at the second last abdominal segment; abdominal setae are prominent on posterior segments although present all over the body; 4 ventral tubules; 4 anal tubules.
4) The first regent master to use the Sentences as the text was Alexander of Hales in the 1230s (Brady, Proleg.
B 308; A 288/B 344; A 679/B 707; A 696/B 724; Proleg.
27) The Speech of Cicero for Aulus Cluentius Habitus, with proleg.
Measurements were also made of the distance from UI to the tip of the proleg in the same segment (Ly, Fig.
Prolegs with crochets uniordinal in an incomplete circle (in a few specimens circle appears complete or in transverse bands); A1, A2, and A7 segments with ventral proleg-like protuberances without crochets.
For example, the frenetic movements associated with Asynarchus' attacks on Limnephilus and on conspecifics (case tugging and shaking, biting, proleg grappling), were especially conspicuous to foraging salamanders.
His aim was to identify all legal rules (laws are rules of moral action imposing obligation) that might limit both the occasions for, and the effects of, organized violence, whether public or private, just or self-serving, and present those rules in "a comprehensive and systematic manner" (JBP proleg.