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A presiding officer or chairperson, especially of the lower house of a convocation in the Anglican Church.

[Medieval Latin prōlocūtor, from prōlocūtus, past participle of prōloquī, to speak forth : prō-, forward; see pro-1 + loquī, to speak; see tolkw- in Indo-European roots.]


(Anglicanism) a chairman, esp of the lower house of clergy in a convocation of the Anglican Church
[C15: from Latin: advocate, from pro-1 + loquī to speak]
proˈlocutorˌship n


(proʊˈlɒk yə tər)

1. a presiding officer; chairperson.
2. a spokesperson.
[1400–50; late Middle English: one who speaks for another < Latin prōlocūtor one who speaks out]
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A resolution approved by CoGS November 12 requests the primate as well as the prolocutor of the national church "to communicate with the Metropolitans and Provincial Prolocutors, and diocesan bishops and synods to encourage full consideration of the matter be given prior to General Synod 2019.
Some want a leader, some want an arbiter, Patera Remora (the kindliest member of the junta) wants a religious leader to spark a moral renewal, and one, Marrow, simply wants Horn to bring back some new seed corn from the Whorl to replenish the failing crops on Blue, "not the rubbish about morals and so forth that the old Prolocutor [Remora] goes on about.
The speech and the many others of its kind in / and 2 Tamburlaine behave like stanzas, or "rooms" of poetry, (47) and most of them are spoken by the towering figure of Tamburlaine, who surpasses even "Hermes, prolocutor to the gods" (1 Tarn, 1.
In terms of language theory [6], the legal discourse involves an act of speech (something is stated), an act of receiving (it implies the other) and a prolocutor act (you pose on the other).
After a Praefatorio spoken by Baleus Prolocutor, the play is divided into seven short and formal similar acts, each featuring a biblical story in which one man interacts with God and is granted a promise.
Not Hermes, prolocutor to the gods, Could use persuasionsmore pathetical.
These include government involvement, direct participation, government association, financial incentive, prolocutor, institution innovation, information consolation and social power mobilization.
The presenter, Prolocutor, appears only in the second version.
Corporate political strategies were classified into eight types, which were named government involvement, direct participation, government association, financial incentive, prolocutor, institution innovation, information consultation, and societal force mobilisation strategy.
The North American art critic Clement Greenberg was the leading prolocutor of formalism during this time.
Her fine essay on Donne and the Synod of Dort (1618-19), "Speaking Openly and Speaking First," begins with the reminder that Donne was elected prolocutor of the Convocation of the province of Canterbury in February 1626.
It features a new complement of 41 professional contributors (in addition to the 100 who pitched in on the 1987 edition) and is again overseen by the venerable Patrick Moore, Great Britain's ever-glowering prolocutor for astronomy.