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A presiding officer or chairperson, especially of the lower house of a convocation in the Anglican Church.

[Medieval Latin prōlocūtor, from prōlocūtus, past participle of prōloquī, to speak forth : prō-, forward; see pro-1 + loquī, to speak; see tolkw- in Indo-European roots.]


(Anglicanism) a chairman, esp of the lower house of clergy in a convocation of the Anglican Church
[C15: from Latin: advocate, from pro-1 + loquī to speak]
proˈlocutorˌship n


(proʊˈlɒk yə tər)

1. a presiding officer; chairperson.
2. a spokesperson.
[1400–50; late Middle English: one who speaks for another < Latin prōlocūtor one who speaks out]
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I have been so ably and cheerfully supported in this role by the officers of General Synod--notably the prolocutors (Stephen Andrews, Robert Falby, Harry Huskins and Cynthia HainesTurner) and their deputies, and chancellors Ron Stevenson and David Jones, whose knowledge of all things canonical and procedural has been such a great help.
2000, 'Prophets, Purifiers And Prolocutors: Towards a Theory on the Emergence of New Parties', Party Politics, vol.
The scarcity of precedent affording First Amendment protection for legislative voting initially discourages adoption of a doctrine allowing judicial review of conditional spending measures that give Congress substantial leverage over the states.(12) However, as discussed below, shielding state legislators from congressionally-imposed liability actually reinforces the Constitution's preservation of state legislators as political counter-balances to the national government and as prolocutors of the people's will.
A resolution approved by CoGS November 12 requests the primate as well as the prolocutor of the national church "to communicate with the Metropolitans and Provincial Prolocutors, and diocesan bishops and synods to encourage full consideration of the matter be given prior to General Synod 2019."