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A resolution approved by CoGS November 12 requests the primate as well as the prolocutor of the national church "to communicate with the Metropolitans and Provincial Prolocutors, and diocesan bishops and synods to encourage full consideration of the matter be given prior to General Synod 2019.
No presenters called 'Prolocutor' appear in English medieval drama, (33) but this presenter-name is in use by the mid-sixteenth century; Prolocutors appear in plays such as John Bale's God's Promises and John the Baptist's Preaching (1538), and King Darius (1565), although Prologue (also a presenter-title that does not appear in English medieval drama), is by far the most common name for presenters in sixteenth-century drama.
12) However, as discussed below, shielding state legislators from congressionally-imposed liability actually reinforces the Constitution's preservation of state legislators as political counter-balances to the national government and as prolocutors of the people's will.