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Noun1.promotional expense - the cost of promoting a product
business expense, trade expense - ordinary and necessary expenses incurred in a taxpayer's business or trade
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Q4 onboarding expenses were $17 million, including $7 million of Core G&A expense and $10 million of promotional expense.
8 million and "reductions in regulatory and promotional expense added $0.
Barter can be used in several ways to lower the risk of introducing a new product or service--in test marketing, for example--because it costs nothing in promotional expense other than barter exchange fees.
Specifically, this resulted in increased salaries and commissions in the Company's sales and sales support staff, higher advertising and promotional expense and increased general and administrative expense resulting from higher legal and accounting expenses associated with being a public company and costs of additional support in the form of personnel and computer systems.
Additionally, the company believes this planned refinement in its promotional policies will continue to allow it to improve its promotional expense ratio, which was already down to 27.
This means that value-added tax (VAT) incurred on common costs and general overheads such as marketing and promotional expenses, utilities, professional fees, purchases of office furniture will not be fully claimable and would need to be apportioned.
The total budget also included marketing and promotional expenses.
An aggregate analysis of 38 FMCG companies shows six percentage point growth in ad and promotional expenses to 12.
6 percent drop in quarterly profit, citing higher personnel and promotional expenses as well as rises in transport and electricity costs.
This lets authors avail of a quality publish package and save as much as $1,350 on promotional expenses at the same time.
A decrease in travel and entertainment expenses contributed to a USD 463,000 decrease in advertising and promotional expenses.
check] Establish controls over promotional expenses, travel, entertainment, sponsorships, and gifts.

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