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Noun1.prompt copy - the copy of the playscript used by the prompter
playscript, script, book - a written version of a play or other dramatic composition; used in preparing for a performance
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The value of consulting a range of research materials is emphasised by Elizabeth Schafer when she makes use of the prompt copy (in its variety of forms) in order to analyse Julia Marlowe's Katherina.
Whatever came to the compositor, it is McEachern's conjecture that he may have added something by virtue of his hypothetical puzzlement, whether it was occasioned by the hypothetical prompt copy or "foul papers.
The prompt copy is more detailed--as in the expanded information on how the actress playing Annie places herself and in the business between De Foix and Stackhouse--but the most intriguing addition is in the first section: 'They lower De Foix over cliff see cut.
I am most grateful to Harriette Grissom for her excellent and prompt copy editing that has significantly improved the quality of and timely printing of East-West Connections.
Among the many I took were a 1610 Breeches Bible and a copy of King Lear with marginal directions--a prompt copy.
Their investigations gave currency to the concepts of foul and fair papers, good and bad quartos, as well as authorial and prompt copy.
However frequently the authors requested that they borrow the copy submitted in order to make a prompt copy.
The manuscript was clearly used as a prompt copy and also bears alterations and additions in the hands of Clavell himself and the book-keeper of the King's Men.