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1. pronominal.
2. pronoun.
3. pronunciation.
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Abbreviations: ABS Absolutive ACC Accusative ADJ Adjective ADV Adverb AG Agent ART Article AUX Auxiliary BASQ Basque BG Bulgarian CONC Concord CAUS Causative pseudomodal auxiliary CA Cognitive alignment DAN Danish DAT Dative EN English ERG Ergative EXP Experiencer F Feminine FOC Focus GEO Georgian HU Hungarian INF Infinitive INFL Inflectional INS Instrumental IT Italian LEX distict lexical base LITH Lithuanian LOC Local M Masculine N Noun NA Non-Agent NOM Nominative OBL Oblique PA Patient PG Portuguese PL Plural PLRPC Pluripersonal concord PREP Preposition PRON Pronoun PRS Present PST Past PTCP Participle REFL Reflexive SG Singular SP Specifier SK Slovak SP Spanish SW Swedish TH Theme V Verb
Ubiquitous in the Spanish-language press, a translator, and trained as an academic, Pron is a masterly short-story writer; and this novel's fragmentary structure (three sections, composed respectively of fifty-two, seventy-two, and forty-one episodes) shows how he amplifies "simple" forms to great use.
Amac: Miyokart perfuzyon SPECT (single-photon emission computerized tomography) calismalarinda, inferiyor duvarda diafragm atenuasyonuna bagli olarak gelisen yalanci pozitif perfuzyon defektlerinin azaltilmasinda, pron pozisyon yaygin olarak kullanimaktadir Bu calismada, inferiyor miyokart enfarktuslu (MI) hastalarda, infarktusun siddeti ve yayginliginin belirlenmesinde pron pozisyonunun supin pozisyona gore ustunlugu olup olmadigi arastirildi.
But in jail you're not really sure what you're drinking," shudders Pron, a seventh grade language arts teacher at Bayshore Middle School.
Because of the length of time the ship had been at sea, it was 'doubtful' the passengers had enough food or water, Pron said.
As a private Triple-X yacht bobbed off the harbour, the pundits and producers of pron on dry land argued about using condoms--"it's like installing seat belts and air bags," said one.
Lavinia and her husband John cheered on their horse Domaine de Pron as he produced a gallant performance to peg back Stormtracker after the last.
There was a tragic ending to the valuable Tote Eider Handicap Chase at Newcastle yesterday when gallant winner Domaine de Pron dropped dead after passing the winning post.
En esa misma linea se pron ncia Celeste De Armas, vicepresidenta de Nestl6, quien considera que "para los hispanos, la educaci6n es la mejor manera de estar compitiendo".
where pron is an interrogative pronoun followed by inf, an infinitive.
During its 50-day existence, LulzSec hacked PBS, Fox News, Sony, Black & Berg Cybersecurity Consulting, Pron.