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1. pronominal.
2. pronoun.
3. pronunciation.
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drop-PST- OBL.SG l.SG IIa Nominative case indicated by nominal inflection/form + verbal inflection + S-V concord 1 PG Eu gosto SVO eu PRON.1.
MEZE (pron. MAZA)--type of hors-d'oeuvres REGGE (pron.
The novel's narrator, never Patricio Pron of course, revisits a historical past (Argentina's dictatorship years) about which he knew little directly and, like many of his cohort, avoids the past as prologue.
Amac: Miyokart perfuzyon SPECT (single-photon emission computerized tomography) calismalarinda, inferiyor duvarda diafragm atenuasyonuna bagli olarak gelisen yalanci pozitif perfuzyon defektlerinin azaltilmasinda, pron pozisyon yaygin olarak kullanimaktadir Bu calismada, inferiyor miyokart enfarktuslu (MI) hastalarda, infarktusun siddeti ve yayginliginin belirlenmesinde pron pozisyonunun supin pozisyona gore ustunlugu olup olmadigi arastirildi.
But in jail you're not really sure what you're drinking," shudders Pron, a seventh grade language arts teacher at Bayshore Middle School.
Nicolas Pron, a senior UNICEF official in Benin, said the organisation was 'really very frustrated' and increasingly worried about the safety of the children.
[For those who care, youse appears in only one of the front-four desk dictionaries (RHWC, above), where it's defined "pron. Nonstandard.
As a private Triple-X yacht bobbed off the harbour, the pundits and producers of pron on dry land argued about using condoms--"it's like installing seat belts and air bags," said one.
Lavinia and her husband John cheered on their horse Domaine de Pron as he produced a gallant performance to peg back Stormtracker after the last.
Triumph turned to tragedy at Newcastle where Eider Chase winner Domaine De Pron collapsed and died shortly after his success in the four-mile- one-furlong marathon.