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plan of the Treasury
of the Athenians
Delphi, Greece


n. pl. pro·na·oi (-oi)
The inner area of the portico of a Greek or Roman temple, leading to the cella.

[Greek pronāos, before a temple, pronaos : pro-, before; see pro-2 + Greek dialectal nāos, temple.]


(Architecture) the inner area of the portico of a classical temple
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The pronaos of the temple included the four central columns of the portico--slightly taller--and these were replicated by four others on a front wall of the platform.
VITRUVE, Archit, V, 1, 7 precise toutefois que deux colonnes ont ete omises pour <<eviter qu'elles empechent de voir le pronaos du temple d'Auguste qui est place au milieu du long cote de la basilique, regardant le milieu de la place et le temple de Jupiter>>.
The passage from pronaos into naos is through a door in the separating wall, but exceptionally, as at St George's church at Harlau, there is an arcade of arches.
2 is a full account of the temple, working forward from the naos and its multiple rooms to the pronaos at the front of the edifice.
However, observing the archs of the left aisle where one acute pointed arch alternates with a pointed arch, it is understood that they are very similar to the pronaos found in the Longobard S.
This is what was called for in the injunction to 'know thyself inscribed in the pronaos (forecourt) of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.
Inside the churches, in the pronaos (the first room) it is by tradition the church calendar which begins on 1 September, namely a sequence of icons in keeping with the lay calendar from the religious point of view.
Other historians assume her mixed-race identity like Samuel Eliot Morison in The Puritan Pronaos (1936) and Marion L.
This view is falsified by the wide scatter of temple orientation (direction from cella to pronaos in Table 1).
Queda esta fuente como fondo de un amplio espacio rectangular, cuyos laterales delimitan las paredes a proposito dejadas en bruto, como conviene a este ambito, de sendos templetes, concebidos como casas de las Musas y al tiempo en alusion a las dos miticas cumbres del Parnaso; identicos y simetricamente dispuestos, estan conformados mediante una pequena cella y un relativamente amplio pronaos con una serliana como portico; al ser el elemento mas significativo de los mismos, suele denominarseles loggie de las Musas.
That covenant can now be seen as setting the pitch for the catechism's pronaos and as offering the master key to the body of Hammond's practical divinity.