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A muscle that effects or assists in pronation.


(Anatomy) any muscle whose contractions produce or affect pronation


(ˈproʊ neɪ tər, proʊˈneɪ-)

any of several muscles that permit pronation of the hand, forelimb, or foot.
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Noun1.pronator - a muscle that produces or assists in pronationpronator - a muscle that produces or assists in pronation
muscle, musculus - one of the contractile organs of the body
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Tenders are invited for Supination Pronator With Gripper 197 Nos.
He had no pronator drift in the upper extremities, and power was grade 2/5 in the lower limbs.
Cumulative traumatic disorders that dental practitioners face are carpel tunnel syndrome, ulnar or radial nerve entrapment, pronator syndrome, tendinitis, extensor wad strain, and thoracic outlet syndrome.
He demonstrated normal strength, no pronator drift, no sensory abnormalities or extinction, and no language difficulties.
The pronator teres and common flexor muscles are released from the distal humerus medially leaving a margin of muscle if necessary.
He was diagnosed with an ulnar collateral ligament tear and a flexor pronator tear.
Nerve entrapment and compression syndromes of the elbow include cubital tunnel syndrome, radial tunnel syndrome, posterior interosseous nerve syndrome, anterior interosseous nerve syndrome and pronator syndrome.
Clinical examination methods bear subjective properties, neurological symptoms of CTS are not specific to the median neuropathy occurring in wrist but might develop in proximal median neuropathy or polyneuropathy resulting from pronator or anterior interosseous syndromes, thoracic outlet syndrome and cervical radiculopathy and especially the sensitivity of the electrodiagnostic studies are not complete.
If there are any abnormalities in the initial observation, the pronator drift test (see Figure 1) is a quick and easy motor and sensory assessment involving multiple areas of brain functioning in both the cerebellum and cerebrum (Pullen, 2004; Bickley & Szilagyi, 2009).
Botilinum toksin A uygulanan kaslar pektoralis major, lattismus dorsi, triseps, pronator teres ve subskapularistir.
Sydenham koresi ve PANDAS arasindaki farkliliklar (16) Sydenham Koresi PANDAS Baslama yasi 5-15 yas 3 yas-pubertal donem Cinsiyet Kadin cinsiyet hakimiyeti Erkek cinsiyet hakimiyeti Patojen M-serotipi streptokok Iliskili serotip tanimlanmamis Hareketlerin Fonksiyon bozukluklanrinin Fonksiyon bozukluklarinin karakteri ettigi koreatotik bulunmadigi koreatotik hareketler hareketler Norolojik Hipotoni, koreatik el, Motor hiperaktivite, anormallikler milkmaid's grip, pronator koreiform hareketler sign Kardiak ARA'nin bir komponenti Yoktur bulgular olarak bulunabilir Semptom suresi Olgularin cogunda 1-6 tekrarlayicidir ayda duzelme olur