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v. pro·nounced, pro·nounc·ing, pro·nounc·es
a. To use the organs of speech to make heard (a word or speech sound); utter.
b. To say clearly, correctly, or in a given manner: learning to pronounce French; pronounced my name wrong.
2. To represent (a word) in phonetic symbols.
3. To declare officially or formally: pronounced the legislature to be in session; was pronounced dead on arrival.
1. To say words; speak.
2. To declare one's opinion; make a pronouncement: pronouncing on the issues of the day.

[Middle English pronouncen, from Old French prononcier, from Latin prōnūntiāre : prō-, forth; see pro-1 + nūntiāre, to announce (from nūntius, messenger; see neu- in Indo-European roots).]

pro·nounce′a·ble adj.
pro·nounc′er n.
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Adj.1.pronounceable - capable of being uttered or pronounced; "a pronounceable group of letters"
unpronounceable - impossible or difficult to pronounce correctly
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let at udtale
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[prəˈnaʊnsəbl] ADJpronunciable
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[prəˈnaʊnsəbl] adjpronunciabile
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(prəˈnauns) verb
1. to speak (words or sounds, especially in a certain way). He pronounced my name wrongly; The `b' in `lamb' and the `k' in `knob' are not pronounced.
2. to announce officially or formally. He pronounced judgement on the prisoner.
proˈnounceable adjective
(negative unpronounceable) able to be pronounced.
proˈnounced adjective
noticeable; definite. He walks with a pronounced limp.
proˈnouncement noun
an announcement.
proˌnunciˈation (-nansi-) noun
the act, or a way, of saying a word etc. She had difficulty with the pronunciation of his name.
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There is no other protein bar created for women that is gluten free, low in calories, low in carbohydrates, very low in sugar, high in protein AND with a short list of pronounceable ingredients.
The more pronounceable among them is the soapstone industry, where they exploit the soft stone for art purposes.
Like the late musician Prince's foray into being known not by a pronounceable name but as a symbol, this sort of creative conceit is likely to throw up all sorts of confusion.
carnivore, my least pronounceable animal, the grist, and shuck, and
Although there are no clear rules for chunking, "pronounceable labels" (Marthy & Feldman, 2012), words, and simple combinations of words have been suggested (Cowen et al., 2012).
"It has worldwide appeal, it's pronounceable in multiple languages, and it's feminine and sophisticated all at once.
The Clear Conscience Pet "clean label pledge" promises only whole food ingredients that are pure, pronounceable and purposeful.
This gives them a pronounceable and memorable acronym that also lends itself readily to headings like 'STEAM power', 'Full STEAM ahead' and 'Building up STEAM', all of which are actual publication titles.
"November 12345,1 have an amendment to your clearance--advise when ready to copy." Then ATC gives you the barely pronounceable name of a waypoint you never heard of.
Drawing on the above analysis, syncopating vowels and vowel length alternations are meant to produce syllables that are pronounceable in the language.
Consumer tastes have evolved to favor snacks with pronounceable ingredients.