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1. Spoken; voiced.
2. Strongly marked; distinct: walks with a pronounced limp.

pro·nounc′ed·ly (-noun′sĭd-lē) adv.
pro·nounc′ed·ness n.
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adv (= really)ausgesprochen; pronouncedly goodausgesprochen gut
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As for me, I have named myself "Big-Tooth." My eye-teeth were pronouncedly large.)
I observed her heightened colour, something pronouncedly resolute in her tone.
Similarly hopeful expectations developed on a large scale in mid- and late 1920s, before the onset of the Great Depression; during the long expansion of the 1960s, missing again the troubles of the next decade; and, less pronouncedly, in the latter half of the 1980s, when economic growth steadied after the disinflation and recovery from the oil price shocks and related inflationary recessions of the turbulent 1973-82 period.
pronouncedly maritime Clatskanie) than for a pair of environments showing smaller differences (e.g., continental Boardman vs.
Item (i), written in one hand (A, a Gothic textualis pronouncedly quadrata),(14) may originally have formed a separate booklet of five quires.
In addition to being, more pronouncedly from year to year, a network of nation-states, the modern world is also characterized by vast and intensifying mass migration across the ever more precisely defined and zealously guarded boundaries of those nation-states.
For the three-dimensional stimuli which diverge less pronouncedly from the relevant reference line, the effect is not as pronounced, yet the overall effect, as the analysis of variance has shown, remains.
A classic example of early hip replacement was the radio and TV personality Arthur Godfrey, who limped pronouncedly the rest of his life after the most eminent orthopedic surgeon of the day replaced Godfrey's hip.
If less pronouncedly and more dispersedly, Marcus also determinedly redresses the failure of historians to give women their due.
The film's tone shifts pronouncedly between comedy and drama, exultation and despair.
and Russian interests will become pronouncedly manifest.
According to the recently released Indian economic survey 1995-96, extensive market oriented reforms including privatisation, liberalization and deregulation of the economy undertaken during last few years are having a pronouncedly positive impact on the economy which is reflected in higher growth in domestic output, rapid expansion in productive employment, a reduction in poverty, higher domestic savings and investment vis-a-vis a declaring lower trend in inflationary spiral in the economy, an improved balance of payments position, fall in the overall ratio of external debt to GDP and a substantial increase in the flow of foreign direct investment (FDI).