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v. prop·a·gat·ed, prop·a·gat·ing, prop·a·gates
1. To cause (an organism) to multiply or breed.
2. To breed (offspring).
3. To transmit (characteristics) from one generation to another.
4. To cause to extend to a broader area or larger number; spread: missionaries who propagate the faith.
5. To make widely known; publicize: propagate a rumor.
6. Physics To cause (a wave, for example) to move in some direction or through a medium; transmit.
1. To have offspring; multiply.
2. To extend to a broader area or larger number; spread.
3. Physics To move through a medium.

[Latin prōpāgāre, prōpāgāt-; see pag- in Indo-European roots.]

prop′a·ga·ble (-gə-bəl) adj.
prop′a·ga′tive adj.
prop′a·ga′tor n.


capable of being propagated
ˌpropagaˈbility, ˈpropagableness n
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La tercer propuesta alude al ser nuevo en el que consiste cada ser humano, esto se ejemplificaria diciendo que "lo unico propagable son los ladrillos, pero no el constructor" (Frankl, 1981, p.
En este sentido, Desantes explica que <<la virtud es propagable en su nucleo ideologico.
The key issue is that it requires a high level of sustained investment to identify high yielding clones which are propagable at an acceptable cost.