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1. The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.
2. Material disseminated by the advocates or opponents of a doctrine or cause: wartime propaganda.

[Earlier, organization for the propagation of a practice or point of view, from Propaganda, short for New Latin Sacra Congregātiō dē Prōpagandā Fidē, the Sacred Congregation for Propagating the Faith, a division of the Roman Curia established in 1622 to promote the evangelization of non-Christian peoples and the spread of the Roman Catholic Church in other Christian communities, from Latin prōpāgandā, ablative feminine gerundive of prōpāgāre, to propagate; see propagate.]

prop′a·gan′dism n.
prop′a·gan′dist n.
prop′a·gan·dis′tic adj.
prop′a·gan·dis′ti·cal·ly adv.
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(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) characterized by propaganda or propagandists
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Adj.1.propagandistic - of or relating to or characterized by propaganda
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The term "coming-of-age" almost seems unfit for the movie due to the maturity of the children and how they deal with societal topics, even as propagandistic as it may seem toward war.
Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi won applause by declaring in categorical terms that nobody in Pakistan subscribed to any notion of the so-called strategic depth in Afghanistan adding that we must not let anyone resurrect this dead horse to advance their propagandistic aims or seek to sow the seeds of misunderstanding between us and our Afghan brethren.
The announcement emphasizes that translating 'Chinese Taipei' into 'Taipei, China' represents a propagandistic distortion of the term in Mandarin.
Ljupco Petkovski from the Center for European Strategies, Eurotink, says that the campaign must not be propagandistic in order to persuade people that "honey and milk will flow" after the NATO and EU accession.
Holiday and Christmas bonuses will be exempt from income tax only as of 2019 and from social insurance levels as of 2021."The introduction of the so-called entitlement to the 13th and 14th salary, therefore, proved to be a purely propagandistic step," said Hallovaacute.Wilfried Serles, managing partner at Grant Thornton Slovakia, points out that the burden of taxes and social insurance contributions in Slovakia is higher than in Austria, i.
But make no mistake, this is not journalism, but rather cherry-picking of sources who would provide one-sided view to further strengthen the propagandistic narrative: that Imran Khan and the Pakistan Army are the villains.
The Helmets had a particular fancy for shooting the propagandistic clips, which the Western media and social networks would circulate endlessly, it noted.
To those political gladiators who are ready to bamboozle and brainwash the general public especially the young blood with their sugarcoated propagandistic write-ups and information and paint themselves as messiahs and saints we are waiting for, we will not fall for your pettiness and we will defeat you.
The discipline, the artistry and the sheer talent on display are legendary, and it's coming to South Korea in a stunning stroke of propagandistic wizardry that no one's going to be able to stop.
Monitoring Desk adds: India's Ministry of External Affairs dismissed the video as a 'propagandistic' exercise, adding: 'Pakistan is simply continuing its practice of putting out coerced statements on video.'
India dismissed the recorded statement as a"propagandistic exercise"with no credibility.