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v. prop·a·gat·ed, prop·a·gat·ing, prop·a·gates
1. To cause (an organism) to multiply or breed.
2. To breed (offspring).
3. To transmit (characteristics) from one generation to another.
4. To cause to extend to a broader area or larger number; spread: missionaries who propagate the faith.
5. To make widely known; publicize: propagate a rumor.
6. Physics To cause (a wave, for example) to move in some direction or through a medium; transmit.
1. To have offspring; multiply.
2. To extend to a broader area or larger number; spread.
3. Physics To move through a medium.

[Latin prōpāgāre, prōpāgāt-; see pag- in Indo-European roots.]

prop′a·ga·ble (-gə-bəl) adj.
prop′a·ga′tive adj.
prop′a·ga′tor n.
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Adj.1.propagative - characterized by propagation or relating to propagation
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Rootstock seeds and scion propagative material were obtained from the Citrus Active Germplasm Bank of the Agronomic Institute of Parana--IAPAR, in Londrina, PR, Brazil.
In the absence of any external mechanical forces (stirring/shearing), the propagative radicals have less chance to terminate.
The perfect results about virus eradiation from the propagative material are obtained by the combination of thermotherapyin combination with meristem culture; where alone meristem culture fails to produce successful results (Waswa et al., 2017).
The IVM is a propagative method used to produces the mature oocytes in-vitro in the absence of gonadotropins.
Thus the bacterial food signal indicates whether food is abundant for another propagative life cycle or whether the resources have been used up (Strauch and Ehlers, 1998).
At the end of the collections performed in the mother seedlings of jabuticabeira of cabinho for the obtainment of the mini-cuttings, it was seen that 91% of these were alive and in conditions to keep providing propagative material.
Thus, evanescent modes become propagative. Wavenumbers at frequency of 1 MHz (represented by dashed line) on the complex plane come out as symmetric with respect to the axes of the complex plane.
A temporal investigation of the epidemic did not indicate either a common source or propagative epidemic pattern.
Evidence suggesting that Brevipalpus phoenicis-Citrus leprosis virus interaction may not be of the circulative propagative type.
Synzoochory is when animals intentionally transport propagative material, for example, when birds collect mosses for nesting material or when animals cache seeds for later consumption.