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also pro·pel·lent  (prə-pĕl′ənt)
1. Something, such as an explosive charge or a rocket fuel, that propels or provides thrust.
2. A compressed inert gas, such as a fluorocarbon, that acts as a vehicle for discharging the contents of an aerosol container.
Serving to propel; propelling.


(prəˈpɛlənt) or


1. (General Physics) something that provides or causes propulsion, such as the explosive charge in a gun or the fuel in a rocket
2. (General Physics) the gas used to carry the liquid droplets in an aerosol spray
able or tending to propel


(prəˈpɛl ənt)

1. a propelling agent.
2. the charge of explosive used to propel the projectile from a gun.
3. a substance, usu. a mixture of fuel and oxidizer, for propelling a rocket.
4. a compressed inert gas that serves to dispense the contents of an aerosol container when the pressure is released.
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Noun1.propellant - any substance that propels
substance - a particular kind or species of matter with uniform properties; "shigella is one of the most toxic substances known to man"
rocket fuel, rocket propellant, rocket propellent - an explosive charge that propels a rocket
compressed gas - gas at a high pressure that can be used as a propellant
Adj.1.propellant - tending to or capable of propelling; "propellant fuel for submarines"; "the faster a jet plane goes the greater its propulsive efficiency"; "universities...the seats of propulsive thought"
dynamic, dynamical - characterized by action or forcefulness or force of personality; "a dynamic market"; "a dynamic speaker"; "the dynamic president of the firm"


propellent [prəˈpelənt] Npropulsor m; (= aerosol etc) → propelente m


, propellent
nTreibstoff m; (in spray can) → Treibgas nt


[prəˈpɛlənt] n (in rocket) → propellente m
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Its new generation of aerosol-type spray cans use a patented compressed-air propellant system.
These gas pockets would create an empty space for the rushing propellant to fill, fostering the pressure surge.
While a typical Soxhlet extraction of a single-base propellant requires up to 72 hrs, SFE accomplishes the task in less than one.
Powered by this green propellant, Aerojet Rocketdynes green propellant propulsion system will enable the spacecraft to execute and demonstrate orbital maneuvers in space.
I selected lab data using the Speer 180-grain Hot-Cor Spitzer SP and looked for loads producing the highest velocity in a 24-inch SAAMI test barrel and how much propellant it required to reach said velocity.
"Launch vehicles tend to be large because you need a large amount of propellant to reach space," Patrick Harkness, the lead researcher behind the latest work, said in a ( statement .
One weekend last fall, I began seriously testing Enduron propellants. My sons and I tested 11 load combinations with variations in charge, bullet type, and seating depth, in three rifles (7mm SAUM, .300 WSM, and .338 Lapua).
(NYSE:OA) said it recently signed a contract with Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) to produce propellant and pressurant tanks for Lockheed Martin's updated A2100 satellite platform.
The MK 90 propellant grain is the propulsion component of the Hydra 70 family of rockets used by the US military and several allied nations to support overseas operations.
Dr Jill Miscandlon, heading up the project at the AFRC, said: 'Airbus DS is at the forefront of the industry and this collaboration sees us looking at the components needed to make the propellant tanks and advising on potential manufacturing methods.
Satellites & probes / power / storage: fuel cellsorbital transportation & re-entry systems / environment and crew life support (ecls) / ecls / pressure air water lighting systems ...Orbital transportation & re-entry systems / power / power storage / batteriesorbital transportation & re-entry systems / propulsion and reboost / chemical propulsion / propellants
The process of reloading a shotgun shell consists of pressing out the spent primer, sizing the metal head and plastic hull back to the original size, then recharging the hull with a new primer and propellant, inserting a wad, shot or sabot and projectile and crimping the round to return it to the original overall length.