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Remarkably, his study also reveals that Anglo-origin speakers use this construction more than speakers of other ethnicities, which can reverse popular misconceptions regarding the properness of British speakers' language uses.
s UK publishing unit as part of its ongoing duty to assess fitness and properness.
This is remarkable, because the whole scholarly disputation in the late 16th century and early 17th century regarding the new readings and the new emulation of ancient and contemporary authors moves around the ideas of adequateness and novelty (remembering that 'aptness', in Chapman's time, is closer to the idea of convenience and properness, following the Latin aptus).
In order to have a concern about fitness and properness we would need to see evidence of misconduct in the parent company Fox.
Posture Evaluation: The participants of the study were observed from the anterior, posterior and lateral perspectives for postural properness and the specified postural distortions were recorded.
196) The constitutionality of the execution of the Act and the properness of the delegation hinged on avoiding arbitrary action.
As an alien and stranger, being defined against the properness of Lodovico--one of "the wealthy curled darlings of our nation" (1.
Since the morphism [pi] is proper and birational, the valuative criterion of properness implies the existence of a unique non-constant arc [bar.
50) The properness of the private placement itself was not further challenged.
The CFI comparative index could be used to determine the properness of the model.
For control design, a polynomial method [1, 2], which helps fulfill the basic requirements such stability and internal properness of the control system, asymptotic tracking of the reference signal and load disturbance rejection, is utilized.
Maternal risk factors and the properness of human development in the prenatal period) AWF Monografie Poznan 1999; 339.