property line

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: line - the boundary line between two pieces of property
border, borderline, boundary line, delimitation, mete - a line that indicates a boundary
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The EPA excavated about 650 tons of soil from the former playground area and the northern property line and filled the area in with clean soil.
"We object to the proposed building being any closer to the road or our property line than is allowed by the Zoning By-law," wrote Kulmatycky and Holly Illman, Kulmatycky's daughter, in a Mar.
The dock is about 15 feet from the abutting property line and the structure is 30 feet long, Mr.
The neighbors say the fence line is the property line, but a recent survey says otherwise.
In Manhattan, where buildings were built and continue to be built up to the property line, party walls between adjoining buildings are common.
"We were only 6 feet from their property line, so I had do something to accommodate my customers.
So they formed associations that manned line camps, where the "line" was the property line between customary grazing districts.
"I recently designed a pool in which I only had about 25 feet to work with, from house to property line," says Carissa Blocker, pool and landscape designer at California Pools & Spas in Temecula, Calif.
The GSI system operates by projecting a very low frequency (VLF) signal around the store's perimeter Shopping carts are outfitted with a specially designed wheel that has a built-in receiver mounted on a digital chip and internal brake Gatekeeper's Wheel receives the coded VLF signal, and when the shopping cart approaches a designated property line, the wheel locks and prevents it from rolling any further.
A new double-sweep tee and cleanout will be installed on each end of each lateral, one at the property line and one just outside the home.
Is there a way I could get a variance to allow me to build a garage closer to the property line? Is there another solution?

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