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a. A person who speaks by divine inspiration or as the interpreter through whom the will of a god is expressed.
b. One of the highest-ranking leaders of the Mormon church, considered by the faithful to be divinely inspired, and responsible for establishing and revising doctrine.
2. A person gifted with profound moral insight and exceptional powers of expression.
3. A predictor; a soothsayer.
4. The chief spokesperson of a movement or cause.
a. Prophets(used with a sing. or pl. verb) The second of the three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures, comprising the books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and the Twelve. Used with the. See Table at Bible.
b. Prophet One of the prophets mentioned in the Bible, especially one believed to be the author of one of these books. Used with the.
6. Prophet Islam Muhammad. Used with the.

[Middle English prophete, from Old French, from Latin prophēta, from Greek prophētēs : pro-, forth; see pro-2 + -phētēs, speaker (from phanai, to speak; see bhā- in Indo-European roots).]

proph′et·hood′ n.


(ˈprɒfɪthʊd) or


(Theology) the state or position of a prophet
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Meanwhile, speaking on a point of order, Captain A(r) Mohammad Safdar said Islamabad High Court (IHC) has given historical decision about finality of the Prophethood (Peace Be Upon Him).
The affidavit regarding the faith would also have to be submitted by the citizens for getting computerized national identity cards (CNICs), passports, birth certificates and entry in voter lists, Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui of the IHC said while announcing the reserved judgment in the case pertaining to controversy regarding Finality of Prophethood (PBUH) oath under the Elections Act 2017.
Essentially, in response to a petition, filed by Maulana Allah Wasaya and the Tehreek-i-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLYR), which demanded that the court ensure the removal controversial clauses of the Election Act that made minor changes to the oath taken by potential lawmakers regarding the Finality of Prophethood, the Court has essentially decided that an oath affirming belief in the Finality of Prophethood is now a mandatory requirement for all citizens to undertake should they ever aspire to work in the public sector.
ISLAMABAD -- The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Friday issued a short order on a petition against an attempt to change the declaration regarding finality of Prophethood in the Elections Act 2017 and made declaration of faith mandatory before joining the judiciary, armed forces, civil services and other government jobs.
Justice Shoukat Aziz Siddiqi in verdict said that the Parliament should safeguard the doctrine of the Finality of Prophethood, it's the base of our religion.
The decision was given in the verdict of thecase regarding oath changes that lawmakers take regarding the Finality of Prophethood (PBUH)in the Elections Act 2017.
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad High Court (IHC) Tuesday summoned Maulana Allah Wasaya, a religious scholar, in a plea in connection with the oath which lawmakers take related to the finality of Prophethood (PBUH) under the Elections Act 2017, for court assistance.
ISLAMABAD -- Eminent lawyer Akram Sheikh has recommended that declaration of faith with regard to finality of prophethood be made necessary for candidates for civil services exams, adding that such a requirement is already a prerequisite for induction into the military service in Pakistan.
He shared that faith on finality of prophethood and love for the holy prophet was the basis of religious identity.
The chief minister delivered a forceful, convincing and emotion speech on the matter of the finality of Prophethood (PBUH) and the tweet of the US president.
I was not directly responsible for the introduction of the controversial amendment to the Finality of Prophethood declaration for electoral candidates.
It happened on Rajab 27, in the seventh month of the Hijri lunar calendar, in the 10th year of Mohammad's prophethood.