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Key players in global Dental Polishing market include: 3M Ultradent Products Young Innovations GC Corporation Henry Schein Bangkok International Dental Center Cosmedent Dental Ventures KENDA Kerr Q & M Dental Group Raffles Medical Group Riverside Dental Market segmentation, by product types: Prophylactic Paste (Polishing Paste) Rubber cup Bristle brush Prophy angle Dental tape Air-powder polishing Browse the complete report @ Market segmentation, by applications: Hospitals Dental clinics and laboratories Others Market segmentation, by regions: North America Europe Asia Pacific Middle East & Africa Latin America The report can answer the following questions:
2pro Total Access Disposable Prophy Angle from Premier Dental is a disposable prophy angle designed with a cup and tip to assist with accessing all tooth surfaces, the company says.
In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, for the third consecutive year, Young[TM] is bringing its pink disposable prophy angle back to show its commitment towards spreading breast cancer awareness.