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tr.v. pro·pi·ti·at·ed, pro·pi·ti·at·ing, pro·pi·ti·ates
To gain or regain the goodwill or favor of; appease: propitiate the gods with a sacrifice.

[Latin propitiāre, propitiāt-, from propitius, propitious; see propitious.]

pro·pi′ti·a·ble (-pĭsh′ē-ə-bəl, -pĭsh′ə-bəl) adj.
pro·pi′ti·a′tive adj.
pro·pi′ti·a′tor n.
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As regulator of all legal services he has already stated his intention to put the citizen first and to make regulation transparent, analytical and propitiable. Is the Law Society fighting a losing battle to prevent the publication of 597 complaints per annum?