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1. Presenting favorable circumstances or showing signs of a favorable outcome; auspicious: "Grandmothers consulted almanacs to determine a propitious hour for the betrothal" (Jhumpa Lahiri).
2. Merciful or kindly: a propitious deity.

[Middle English propicius, from Old French propicieux, from Latin propitius; see pet- in Indo-European roots.]

pro·pi′tious·ly adv.
pro·pi′tious·ness n.
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Adv.1.propitiously - in an auspicious manner; "he started his new job auspiciously on his birthday"
inauspiciously, unpropitiously - in an inauspicious manner; "he started his new job inauspiciously on Friday the 13th"


[prəˈpɪʃəslɪ] ADVde modo propicio, bajo signo propicio, favorablemente


[prəˈpɪʃəslɪ] advin modo propizio
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The publication of Alex Epstein's book The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, which was released last November, was propitiously timed--and is a much-welcomed addition to the intellectual arsenal in the escalating Climate War/Energy War.
The Omani Owl was found by a team of Dorset-based birders making sound recordings for a forthcoming book called, propitiously, Undiscovered Owls.
Deutsche Bank research analyst, Abhay Laijawala, says, " The timing of India's announcements has propitiously combined with the positive announcements from Europe and US central bankers, and will ensure that India does not miss out on the ongoing global risk rally.
In his quest for a top-class partner, he studied the records of every horse registered with the British Show Jumping Association, and it was Foxhunter (born, propitiously, on St George's Day) who caught his eye.
Propitiously, the vast collection of Axel Guttmann (1944-2001), probably the word's largest private holding of ancient arms and armour, was then being gradually released onto the art market.
If by then performance work and the event score had allowed for a propitiously open-ended instruction, and if Lawrence Weiner had established that the piece need not even be built, D'Arcangelo would shackle any such liberatory propositions to their institutional capitulation.
Early on, while Nawal is leaving home in the morning for school, a globe-shaped accordion of a paper lampshade drops propitiously from the ceiling and (evidently blown by a fan or a breeze) scampers along the floor after her, like a child.
The centre's resumption could not be more propitiously timed given last week's place kicker Mark O'Connor has been forced to spend the week in Ireland because of a family illness.
And that chance could not be more propitiously timed with the facility in Sir Harry's Road set not so much for a facelift but a complete reincarnation.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The first and only "updatable" Warren Buffett book was published today by eBooks on Investing, a San Francisco publisher of timely, helpful investment books that are updated propitiously for readers and investors.
What was more, his training career had begun propitiously.