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1. Presenting favorable circumstances or showing signs of a favorable outcome; auspicious: "Grandmothers consulted almanacs to determine a propitious hour for the betrothal" (Jhumpa Lahiri).
2. Merciful or kindly: a propitious deity.

[Middle English propicius, from Old French propicieux, from Latin propitius; see pet- in Indo-European roots.]

pro·pi′tious·ly adv.
pro·pi′tious·ness n.
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Adv.1.propitiously - in an auspicious manner; "he started his new job auspiciously on his birthday"
inauspiciously, unpropitiously - in an inauspicious manner; "he started his new job inauspiciously on Friday the 13th"
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[prəˈpɪʃəslɪ] ADVde modo propicio, bajo signo propicio, favorablemente
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[prəˈpɪʃəslɪ] advin modo propizio
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While some mussels are notoriously picky about their particular host fish (one stalwart malacologist with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources painstakingly tried to pair seventy different species with the spectaclecase mussel until he landed, propitiously and finally, on a singular, migratory fish), brook floaters are, happily, "host generalists"--they're willing to "parasitize" just about any gills.
(14) This work holds that the fertility transition offers a once-in-history chance to accelerate development by raising the share of a nation's working-age population: not only increasing the availability of laborers more rapidly than total population but also propitiously influencing savings and investment possibilities through this shift in population structure.
The plantation season in the country prevails mostly in Monsoon and Spring season whereas the plantation drives would propitiously add sustainable results as it has taken the entire nation on board, he added.
Strategically, the country is propitiously located at the center of the globe, six to 18 degrees above the equator between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean.
And most propitiously a bright young law graduate from Ateneo University, Atty.
Propitiously (or tragically), this is a case of first impression for the House.
This would become one of his best-known discussions of the question of Latin American literature and its marginal position vis-AaAaAeA -vis Europ (1) "El escritor argentino y la tradiciAaAaAeA n" is also one of the centr texts in which Borges suggests that Judaism offers a model for propitiously operating within this position.
His first liaison in 1989 with puppeteer Dadi Pudumjee was propitiously named Friends.
But whoever is President, pro-life Donald Trump or pro-abortion Hillary Clinton, an overarching question will remain unchanged: how do those who affirm the value of all human life most propitiously dialogue with the American people?
Propitiously, a local fortune-teller had earlier advised me to avoid three activities: flying, diving and going to the firing range.