proportional sampling

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Noun1.proportional sampling - the population is divided into subpopulations (strata) and random samples are taken of each stratum
sampling - (statistics) the selection of a suitable sample for study
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The aim of this study was to assess possible changes in cow's milk chemical and cellular composition from different milkings and to assess two composite and proportional sampling methods.
For Gauteng, a proportional sampling of enumeration areas (EAs) was obtained from the EA listing for the area, based on the 2001 population figures.
TDAC is Sierra's ultra fast flow apportionment, measurement and control system to execute proportional sampling effectively.
In tracking changes in epidemic strains, the new system would facilitate nonbiased proportional sampling of persons with febrile respiratory illnesses in an iterative fashion.
This reliable, easy to use product enables customer selected time-based or flow proportional sampling methods with adjustable bite sizes to fill a 300cc or 500cc sample cylinder over a given time period.
In the latter case, the main conclusions drawn from these studies were that a better representation of the pattern of variation present in the total collection was obtained with the proportional sampling. The range of variation present in the whole collection was maximized when constant or logarithmic sampling were used.
The three species that we modeled to settle randomly, upland sandpiper (Bartramia longicauda), Henslow's sparrow (Ammodramus henslowii) and eastern meadowlark (Sturnella magna), had positive relationships between occurrence and field size when a complete census or proportional sampling was used, and therefore, would have been considered area sensitive by the methods used by some previous authors.
([dagger]) For the proportional sampling variance simulations this column represents the value of c for a given simulation; for the constant coefficient of variation simulations this column represents the value of CV for a given simulation.
Under proportional sampling, the lines for L-Vessels and I-Vessels should coincide and the lines for L-Boats and I-Boats should coincide.
This process begins with a partial stream of raw exhaust being drawn through an electronically controlled valve network into a high speed Micro Proportional Sampling system, the Semtech MPS.

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