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1. Forming a relationship with other parts or quantities; being in proportion.
2. Properly related in size, degree, or other measurable characteristics; corresponding: Punishment ought to be proportional to the crime.
3. Mathematics Having the same or a constant ratio.
One of the quantities in a mathematical proportion.

pro·por′tion·al′i·ty (-shə-năl′ĭ-tē) n.
pro·por′tion·al·ly adv.
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Noun1.proportionality - a ratio of two quantities that is constant
commensurateness, proportionateness, correspondence - the relation of corresponding in degree or size or amount
ratio - the relative magnitudes of two quantities (usually expressed as a quotient)
2.proportionality - harmonious arrangement or relation of parts or elements within a whole (as in a design); "in all perfectly beautiful objects there is found the opposition of one part to another and a reciprocal balance"- John Ruskin
placement, arrangement - the spatial property of the way in which something is placed; "the arrangement of the furniture"; "the placement of the chairs"
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[ˌprəpɔːʃəˈnælɪtɪ] Nproporcionalidad f
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nProportionalität f; (of means)Verhältnismäßigkeit f
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The posters highlight pharmacokinetic, or PK, data for its investigational, once-nightly controlled-release sodium oxybate, or FT218, including a head-to-head PK comparison to twice-nightly sodium oxybate and dose proportionality across three doses.
BOSTON When the Advisory Committee on Bankruptcy Rules met in San Diego earlier this year, one of the items on the agenda was the continued discussion of a proposal from the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association to amend Rule 2004(c) to impose a proportionality limitation on the scope of production of documents and electronically stored information.
But while some local practitioners are disappointed that the Bankruptcy Code will not be amended to impose a proportionality requirement on pre-litigation "fishing expeditions," the chief justice of the U.S.
I remember distinctly that proportionality did not feature at all in the argument during the hearing of the earlier appeal in which the Court of Justice handed the European Commission the gift of proportionality on a plate to enable it to resist claims for compensation from individual depositors from Cyprus.
The rule on proportionality represents the most apparent
In his latest contribution to the theoretical literature on rights adjudication and the rule of law, Professor Francisco Urbina adds to the chorus of criticism levelled against the principle of proportionality and methods of judicial decision-making that rely on the balancing of constitutional rights and competing interests.
This Article argues that the Israeli Supreme Court, acting in its capacity as the High Court of Justice, (13) misapplies the proportionality test (14) with regard to Command decisions.
The quantitative analysis focuses on effects of a single nationwide electoral district on proportionality of seats-votes shares (Least Squares Index) and proportionality of territorial representation (advantage ratio index at the individual level and an adaptation of distortion index at the aggregate level) in the Slovak parliamentary elections.
Proportionality" is a word I would personally like to use more frequently in conversation.
By the same token, the key method used by European courts to determine the European constitutionality of supranational and national laws has been proportionality review, the working tool par excellence of postwar European constitutional courts.
"We have also reached this agreement thanks to the Future Movement and Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, who approved of the proportionality vote law.

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