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Being in due proportion; proportional.
tr.v. (-shə-nāt′) pro·por·tion·at·ed, pro·por·tion·at·ing, pro·por·tion·ates
To make proportionate.

pro·por′tion·ate·ly adv.
pro·por′tion·ate·ness n.
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Noun1.proportionateness - the relation of corresponding in degree or size or amount
proportionality - a ratio of two quantities that is constant
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As for suggestion on proportionateness of claims, the ex-President stressed importance of addressing this problem at the legislative level in order to find a reasonable balance between the fight against fake news and libel and actual opportunities of media market.
More simply, critical conditions call for critical measures, but that does not render those measures intrinsically extreme: they are made so by the larger dynamic that determines them, and context judges their inherent proportionateness. (Of course, in any ultimate Prasangika analysis, the same act is empty of any intrinsic ethical status, of means and ends.
This symmetrical composition based on the polarities cold-hot, literal-figurative, and to some extent, foolish-wise, is, however, an epiphenomenon of the ethical question, the proportionateness of the scholar's response.