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1. A plan suggested for acceptance; a proposal.
2. A matter to be dealt with; a task: Finding affordable housing can be a difficult proposition.
3. An offer of a private bargain, especially a request for sexual relations.
4. A subject for discussion or analysis.
5. Logic
a. A statement that affirms or denies something.
b. The meaning expressed in such a statement, as opposed to the way it is expressed.
6. Mathematics A theorem.
tr.v. prop·o·si·tioned, prop·o·si·tion·ing, prop·o·si·tions
To propose a private bargain to, especially to propose sexual relations with.

[Middle English proposicion, from Old French proposition, from Latin prōpositiō, prōpositiōn-, setting out in words, from prōpositus, past participle of prōpōnere, to set forth; see propose.]

prop′o·si′tion·al adj.
prop′o·si′tion·al·ly adv.
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It has featured contributions by Renee Green, Studio for Propositional Cinema with Hampus Lindwall, Patricia L.
In sections on informal logic, formal logic, and inductive logic, they consider such aspects as language: meaning and definition, categorical syllogisms, natural deduction in propositional logic, causality and Mill's methods, and science and superstition.
If an increasingly common point of attraction today across debates in anthropology, literary criticism, and discourse about the Anthropocene, is the staging of a problem similar to the Whiteheadian bifurcation, here the same debate is taken up not in terms of the divide between subject and object, and secondary qualities and primary, but rather on the level of a difference between propositional and representational thought, epitomized by the directed use of language or logic undertaken by human subjects, and a nonpropositional thought found in ostensibly extrasubjective and extraconsciousness domains like material and organic relations, ecosystems, plants, landscapes and non-human liaisons at large, which may presumably include functions in the humans as well.
First we express the EOP in the form of propositional statements (whether related to input or output).
The Election Commission is likely to count propositional representation votes by December 15 and submit the final election results to President Bidhya Devi Bhandari.
It is consistent with this characterization that said theories are weakly hyperintensionally distinct; thus, affording us the resources to model the content of propositional attitudes directed toward metaphysically equivalent theories in such a way that nonideal agents can bear different propositional attitudes toward metaphysically equivalent theories.
This volume interacts with statements from Pope Francis in an attempt to present a case that the pope is softening the doctrinal heart of Roman Catholic orthodoxy and offering a more flexible approach to doctrine based on proper relationships rather than on correct propositional beliefs.
Methods: Theoretical, propositional and logic analysis was applied within a critical literature review as a way to establish the clinical reasoning characteristics of the general health care field.
Instead, "(TO THE SPECTATOR:)," staged by the anonymous collective Studio for Propositional Cinema, presented a series of texts, plus a performance, concerning spectatorship.
2006), to name some of the first implementations, compute answer sets of a given propositional logic program.