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n. pl. pro·pos·i·ti (-tī′)
1. Law The person who is the subject of a question or action.
2. A person to whom descendants are commonly related.

[Latin prōpositus, past participle of prōpōnere, to set forth; see propose.]
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(prəˈpɒzɪtəs) or feminine


n, pl -ti (-ˌtaɪ) or (feminine) -tae (-tiː)
1. (Law) law the person from whom a line of descent is traced
2. (Medicine) med Also called (esp US): proband the first patient to be investigated in a family study, to whom all relationships are referred
[from New Latin, from Latin prōpōnere to set forth; see propound]
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the person from whom a line of descent originates.
See also: Ancestors
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Noun1.propositus - the person immediately affected by or concerned with an action
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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This section describes one feature of the actual Kariyarra terminology which is not typical of Australian systems in general nor of those usually thought to be of 'Kariera' type: the presence of child (son/daughter) terms that are used with either parent as propositus. We use the AustKin database to investigate where this feature and the more common arrangement--separate terms for woman's child and man's child--are found and if there is a reason behind the geographical distribution.
These diagnoses were used to determine whether the "propositus" (the teen "ward" in the case file) should be recommended for compulsory sterilization--to prevent him or her from "procreating"--a policy legalized by the California legislature in 1909 and pursued with great vigor until the early 1940s.
Key relatives included siblings, parents, offspring, grandparents, first uncles and aunts, and the propositus.
Other than our propositus case, we did not observe in our sample a longer course of disease in patients with macrolide-resistant M.
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That is not to say that the propositus intends to stay where he is indefinitely; indeed his purpose, while settled, may be for a limited period.
Mutations were checked against parental DNA for each propositus. Mutations were classified according to their presumed clinical relevance (6, 10): CF-causing mutations, CFTR-RD mutations, and UVs.
La segunda cuestion se refiere a la certeza de la gracia: <<Articulus de certitudine gratiae propositus examinandus theologis eadem die: Utrum aliquis possit esse certus de sua adepta gratia secundum praesentem iustitiam, et quo genere certitudinis>> (Concilium Tridentinum, Ed.