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Also, my comrades used jestingly (yes, I know only jestingly) to propound the ethical maxim that a man ought never to let himself become a burden upon anyone.
If I were to propound Heseltine's theory to you, you would think that he had been reading the works of some of our enterprising young novelists.
Vangard, to Right and Left the Front unfould; That all may see who hate us, how we seek Peace and composure, and with open brest Stand readie to receive them, if they like Our overture, and turn not back perverse; But that I doubt, however witness Heaven, Heav'n witness thou anon, while we discharge Freely our part: yee who appointed stand Do as you have in charge, and briefly touch What we propound, and loud that all may hear.
It was to me in particular that he appeared to propound this-- appeared almost to appeal for aid not to hesitate.
So eager were they to obtain information on this point, that they still continued to propound their queries long after we had shown that we were utterly unable to answer them.
Luzhin, who propounds the theory of the superiority of wives raised from destitution and owing everything to their husband's bounty--who propounds it, too, almost at the first interview.
I see no equivalence between those who propound fascist views and those who oppose them.
The Orthodox rabbi declared in no uncertain terms that he was "no friend to slavery in the abstract" and even less "to the practical working of slavery", but the purpose of his sermon was not to expound on his personal feelings and opinions, but "to propound to you the word of G-d, the Bible view of slavery.
Such religious leaders would probably propound their own pet theories, and possibly convey a terribly distorted image of the very nature of God.
Today, a plaintiff's counsel with even a passing familiarity with the new federal e-discovery requirements can, and often will, create sweeping and burdensome discovery requests to propound on corporate defendants.
AS a nation we have a critical need to ditch at the earliest opportunity the corrupt and rotten political chameleons in favour of those who propound traditional commonsense Judaeo/ Christian ethics and principles.
Typical of the left, they propound no solution of their own for Iraq except to cut and run.