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 (prō-prăn′ə-lôl′, -lōl′, -lŏl′)
A beta-blocker drug, C16H21NO2, used to treat hypertension, angina pectoris, cardiac arrhythmia, and certain kinds of tremors, and to prevent migraine headaches.


(Pharmacology) a drug used in the treatment of angina pectoris, arrhythmia, hypertension, and some forms of tremor. Formula: C16H21NO2
[C20: from pro(pyl) + pr(op)anol (from propane + -ol) + -ol]


(proʊˈpræn əˌlɔl, -ˌlɒl)

a beta-blocking drug, C16H21NO2, used in the treatment of hypertension, angina pectoris, and cardiac arrhythmias.
[1960–65; pro (pyl) + pr(op)anol an isomer of propyl alcohol + -ol1]


n propranolol m
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SEQUENTIAL THERAPY of oral propranolol then topical timolol for infantile hemangioma helped shorten duration of propranolol and maintain treatment success, in a study published in Pediatric Dermatology.
She was started with tablet propranolol and tablet escitalopram.
For healthy infants 5 weeks or older, to what extent, if any, is cardiovascular monitoring for propranolol necessary?
TWENTY YEARS AGO, I gave a 20-mg dose of oral propranolol to my 16-year-old daughter in an orchestrated "project" to help her manage an entrenched dog phobia.
Propranolol is non cardioselective beta blocker used to treat various cardiac and non-cardiac diseases including arrhythmia, hypertension, portal hypertension and oesophageal varices.
The year I developed the problem, I consulted a doctor who prescribed a regulating drug (Propranolol) for me.
Here we report a female infant with diffuse IHH and consumptive hypothyroidism, successfully managed with propranolol and levothyroxine.
Propranolol, which lowers the heart rate, is being prescribed by GPs to young people to help them tackle stress.
(5) Treatment of airway hemangiomas with propranolol has been well described and shows promising results; however, there are still cases of either failure to respond to propranolol treatment or recurrence after discontinuing therapy.
However, the recent advent of propranolol for treatment of severe cases (8) following the unexpected discovery of its effects on hemangioma regression has led to its subsequent popularization of this drug as first-line treatment (9,10).