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1. A woman who has legal title to something; an owner.
2. A woman who owns or owns and manages a business or other such establishment. See Usage Note at -ess.


(prəˈpraɪ ɪ trɪs)

1. a woman who owns a business establishment.
2. a woman who has the exclusive right or title to something.
usage: See -ess.
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Noun1.proprietress - a woman proprietor
owner, proprietor - (law) someone who owns (is legal possessor of) a business; "he is the owner of a chain of restaurants"


[prəˈpraɪətrɪs] N [of shop, hotel etc] → dueña f


n (of pub, hotel)Inhaberin f; (of newspaper)Besitzerin f
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The production's main gamble is the decision to fill the role of villainous orphanage proprietrix Miss Hannigan with Katie Finneran, the inveterate scene-stealer who won Tonys in revivals of "Promises, Promises" and "Noises Off." She displays similar comedic chops here, but her relatively young appearance and decidedly good looks work against her.
Here she's greeted by a splendidly sinister Pauline Collins as the Proprietrix and her receptionist-cum-medium Sybil (Susan Lynch).
"We are cautiously optimistic and believe that exhibiting at NYIGF is one piece of a multipronged approach of gaining exposure for Sin in Linen," said the company's proprietrix, Sandy Glaze.