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The group of MPs and peers - led by Joanna Cherry of the SNP - had wanted Scotland's highest civil court to rule that the Prime Minister had acted illegally and unconstitutionally by proroguing the UK Parliament ahead of the UK leaving the EU.
But given my understandable concerns, I dropped him a line pointing out proroguing Parliament is a constitutional outrage and an affront to democracy.
"I promised that, if the Prime Minister prorogued Parliament in order to prevent Members from opposing his Brexit plans, I would seek judicial review of his action." - Former prime minister Sir John Major, after joining a legal case against the suspension of Parliament "Proroguing Parliament is an unprecedented affront to democracy.
Like all of you, I had never uttered the word "proroguing" in my life until last week.
Despite insisting during the Tory leadership campaign that he thought proroguing Parliament was a bad idea, Mr Javid, pictured, has now insisted the Government needs time to focus on its agenda in the run-up to outlining plans in next month's Queen's Speech.
I don't want No-deal, nobody in their right mind does, but spare me the waffle that proroguing is a political coup, a constitutional outrage.
I am writing to let you know how angry, disappointed and ashamed I am about the Government proroguing parliament.
Stirling voted 68 per cent to remain in the EU during the 2016 referendum, and so far more than 3000 people with addresses in the area have signed an online petition to block the proroguing of parliament.
CHINA'S fresh comments on possibly resolving the longdrawn trade spat with the US lifted investor spirits yesterday, while exporter stocks gained as sterling fell after the proroguing of parliament raised concerns of a no-deal Brexit.
He added: "The political accountability of the government is being eroded by proroguing Parliament.
Proroguing Parliament is not unheard of - it happens most years.