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1. The act of proscribing; prohibition.
2. The condition of having been proscribed; outlawry.

[Middle English proscripcion, from Latin prōscrīptiō, prōscrīptiōn-, public notice of outlawry, from prōscrīptus, past participle of prōscrībere, to proscribe; see proscribe.]

pro·scrip′tive adj.
pro·scrip′tive·ly adv.
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Parents should look for opportunities to talk often with their kids in less proscriptive ways about drugs and alcohol.
I think that is the most proscriptive language that I have seen written on the chairs position and power, Roy said.
Covenants make violation of certain business practices a condition of default, and are used when the investor wants to be more proscriptive in generating their desired impact.
This new rule, which would have a similar, although less proscriptive effect in Wales, may be the first small step onto a very slippery slope.
The extremely proscriptive nature of the rules means these units take time to build, and establishment costs are high - in addition to certification costs.
Hu Benton, vice president of banking policy, American Bankers Association, complains the proposed rule has too many proscriptive features.
In narrowing the theory to fit, the author discards the positive and voluntary aspects of the theory, throws out peaceful or positive norms, and focuses on the proscriptive ones that define power relationships in the creation of weapons use and development norms.
Meanwhile, SIFMA president Ken Bentsen asserted again earlier this month, "The DOL has overreached" in this "costly, complex and very proscriptive rule.
As a proscriptive measure, the report suggested energy companies should begin plans to dig developing wells to offset the rate of decline.
No matter the starting place, the intentional practices described here can evolve a new mind-set, one in which a lack of judgment and detachment from proscriptive goals can enhance our intuitive sense, or as Song puts it, our fluency in Nature Speak, the "mother tongue of all life and the foundation of interspecies communication.
Since then, the company has focused on building out the product's capabilities for a broader spectrum of applications including predictive and proscriptive analytics, mobile and IoT analytics, and machine learning.
We think that's really important because sometimes specific regulatory guidance can be overly proscriptive.