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v. pros·e·cut·ed, pros·e·cut·ing, pros·e·cutes
1. Law
a. To initiate or conduct a criminal case against: prosecute a defendant for murder.
b. To initiate or conduct (a civil case or legal action): prosecute a lawsuit for libel.
c. To initiate or conduct legal proceedings regarding (an offense, for example): prosecute drug possession.
a. To pursue (an undertaking, for example) until completion; continue to the very end: prosecute a war.
b. To carry on, engage in, or practice (an occupation or business).
3. To chase or pursue (a vessel): "He held a dispatch saying that [they] had prosecuted and probably killed an Echo-class missile submarine" (Tom Clancy).
v.intr. Law
To initiate or conduct legal proceedings: decided to prosecute.

[Middle English prosecuten, from Latin prōsequī, prōsecūt- : prō-, forward; see pro-1 + sequī, to follow; see sekw- in Indo-European roots.]

pros′e·cut′a·ble adj.
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Law. Subject to legal proceedings:


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The anti-corruption court has reasonable suspicions to believe there is a prosecutable case against the governor.
However, even before it becomes law, financial abuse is prosecutable as a form of "coercive and controlling behaviour", so if you feel scared or intimidated, report it to the police.
The Attorney General's review, in conjunction with the Rhode Island State Police, is intended to identify any prosecutable cases, ensure there are no credibly accused clergy in active ministry and provide input into improvements of the Diocese's current policies and procedures for preventing and responding to allegations of child sexual abuse.
The minister of state for revenue said during his budget speech that failure to file tax returns is now going to be a prosecutable offence, again with a possible prison term.
In that time, 256 prosecutable speeding offences were recorded.
There was some scandal and gross arm-twisting emanating from the White House, though not yet in a seriously prosecutable way; meanwhile the left was flirting more openly with socialism than it had in a generation.
Neither side broke much ground on Wednesday on the specifics of Mueller's investigation, though Mr Barr did make a robust defence of Trump as he made clear his firm conviction that there was no prosecutable case against the President for obstruction of justice.
"In very material ways I think the evidence strongly suggests that he willingly misled our committee and the Justice Department needs to consider whether there's a prosecutable case," Schiff added.
"The president engaged in a series of targeted efforts to control the investigation," the report said -- though none apparently reached Mueller's definition of prosecutable criminality.
Drawing on international and domestic law, history, literature, and sociology, Chadwick traces how and why piracy on the high seas came to be considered an international crime subject to the principle of universal jurisdiction and prosecutable by any State in any circumstances.
He said FIA should have not asked for closing that case even if it had no prosecutable evidence.