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 (prŏs′ə-lĭ-tĭz′əm, -lī-)
1. The practice of proselytizing.
2. The state of being a proselyte.

pros′e·lyt′i·cal (-lĭt′ĭ-kəl) adj.
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(ˈprɒs ə lɪˌtɪz əm, -laɪ-)

1. the act or fact of becoming a proselyte; conversion.
2. the state or condition of a proselyte.
pros`e•lyt′i•cal (-ˈlɪt ɪ kəl) adj.
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1. the act of becoming or the condition of being a convert to an opinion, political party, or religious group.
2. an active policy of inviting or persuading converts, especially to a religious position. — proselyte, n. — proselyter, proselytist, n. — proselytize, v. — proselytistic, adj.
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Noun1.proselytism - the practice of proselytizing
persuasion, suasion - the act of persuading (or attempting to persuade); communication intended to induce belief or action
2.proselytism - the state of being a proselyte; spiritual rebirth resulting from the zeal of crusading advocacy of the gospel
spiritual rebirth, conversion, rebirth - a spiritual enlightenment causing a person to lead a new life
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[ˈprɒsɪlɪtɪzəm] Nproselitismo m
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Protestantism sat at ease, unmindful of schisms, careless of proselytism: Dissent was an inheritance along with a superior pew and a business connection; and Churchmanship only wondered contemptuously at Dissent as a foolish habit that clung greatly to families in the grocery and chandlering lines, though not incompatible with prosperous wholesale dealing.
A more apt term than "evangelization" for what the young girl is doing at the bowling alley is "proselytism," which is all about winning converts into your fold, packaged with a heavy dose of moral judgment.
Proselytism remains one of the main issues that hinders normal ecumenical relationships between Pentecostal churches and the WCC and its member churches.
This is nothing less than proselytism from a government official.
Proselytism is opposed on several grounds; it attacks other religious beliefs and practices and asserts that its own religion is the only way to salvation.
This comes as part of the ministry's policy to limit acts of proselytism and preaching to its employees.
The conflict between individualist and corporate understandings plays out particularly in controversies over proselytism and the right to convert.
The article is structured as follows: The first part clarifies the meaning and use of the terms "proselytism" and "mission" in contemporary scholarship.
This brings "Primeira Pedra" far from the proselytism that characterizes much politically oriented contemporary art while offering a subtler insight into the structures of feeling that currently bind culture and politics.
In this book, Melissa Crouch examines the way Islamists have adapted their campaign to prevent Christian proselytism in the context of a newly democratic Indonesia.
To them, any attempt by military officials to curb unwanted proselytism or the imposition of prayer and worship on the unwilling falls under the definition of "persecution."
Religious extremism, proselytism, lack of consolidation of Islamic denominations named main problems of religious sector in Kyrgyzstan