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A course of study for graduate and advanced undergraduate students in a college or university, conducted in the manner of a seminar.


(Education) US an introductory course delivered in seminar form for graduate or advanced undergraduate students


(proʊˈsɛm əˌnɑr)

a graduate seminar often open to advanced undergraduates.
[1920–25, Amer.]
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The proseminar, in addition to the comprehensive exam, plays a vital role in a student's understanding of the underlying approach, direction, and values of the program.
Anke and Catharina, on the other hand, follow the 2-e-mails-per-week-rule established at the outset of the partnership, even though this may cause some inconvenience for them since their Proseminar only meets once a week, they do not have computers at home, and computer access at their institution is quite limited by American standards.
In the fall semester of 1996, the Center instituted fundamental changes to its Proseminar in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, the introductory graduate course all students are required to take in their first semester.
I acknowledge with gratitude the very helpful comments on earlier versions of this paper at the Rutgers International Relations Colloquium, the 1993 meeting of the American Political Science Association, and the Proseminar on State Formation and Collective Action of the New School for Social Research, especially those of Deena Abu-Lughod, Jeff Goodwin, Ernest Harsch, Jack Levy, and Charles Tilly.
My thanks to the people who supplied the ideas I used in writing this paper: Graham Astley, Philip Bromiley, Warren Brown, Richard D' Aveni, Jane Dutton, Ari Ginsberg, Michael Hitt, Anne Huff, Wayne Mikkelson, Raymond Miles, Rick Mowday, Michael Russo, Dan Schendel, Charles Schwenk, Charles Snow, William Starbuck, Richard Steers, James Terborg, Buddy Ungson, James Walsh, Ray Zammuto, the members of the University of Oregon's Doctoral Proseminar in Management, and three anonymous reviewers.
I would like to thank Richard Turner and Alhaji Conteh-group members, the entire Proseminar class, and Ibram Rogers and Karanja Keita Carroll for their support and critical feedback.
Another solution was the development of a new course called Proseminar in Biotechnology.
The networked German-American learning community reported here consisted of a teacher education Proseminar at Justus-Liebig-Universitat (JLU) in GieBen, Germany, and a fourth-semester German class, German Conversation and Composition, at Penn State University (PSU).
Poggioli along with his alternating courses in the Romanticists and Symbolists, regularly gave proseminars in Theory of Literature, which became our propedeutic requirement for first-year graduate students (utilizing the recent handbook of the same title, by Wellek and Austin Warren, as a well-timed syllabus).
Proseminars and brown-bag sessions in which accepted research practices are discussed are also helpful.
It consciously steers away from the traditional triad of the philological proseminars of yesteryear, weighed down as they often were with a trainspotter's compulsive accumulation of diachronic linguistic minutiae, the amassing of which did not and does not necessarily lead to an understanding of whole texts in their socio-literary milieu.
At another, proseminars in writing are offered for special disciplines--for example, "fire department communications.