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adj. pros·i·er, pros·i·est
1. Matter-of-fact and dry; prosaic.
2. Dull; commonplace.

[From prose.]

pros′i·ly adv.
pros′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.prosily - in a prosy manner; "somewhat prosily and repetitively expounded"
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To be able to relate to a three year old, when I talk to her, I use adult English, adult grammar, adult talk but I communicate in simple words, very playful prosily. I want her to be able to say in the future, when she's 7, 12, that I have a cool dad.
Sometimes the image or line simply seems superfluous or prosily flat.
So that when Ralph contemplates the power of money, he does so in a grotesquely simple sung-soliloquy, not in the prosily pathological manner of Dickens' villain.