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 (prōst, prō′zĭt) or prost (prōst)
Used as a toast to someone's health while drinking.

[German, from Latin prōsit, may it benefit, third person sing. subjunctive of prōdesse, to benefit; see proud.]
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good health! cheers!
[German, from Latin, literally: may it prove beneficial]
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(Eng. ˈproʊ sɪt, -zɪt)

(used as a toast to wish good health to one's drinking companions.)
[1840–50; < German < Latin: literally, may it benefit, 3rd person singular present subjunctive of prodesse to be beneficial]
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A German word meaning may it be beneficial, used as a drinking toast.
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Later, however, Heinrich and others lock arms, and the narrator becomes swept up in singing "Ein Prosit": "And now there was no strangeness any more.
Its prologue states, Ut iuvet et prosit, conatur pagina presens: Dulcius arrident seria picta iocis.
Having realized his mistake, the novelist confesses: "ia bylo khotei 'ha koleniak prosit' u nego proshcheniia za to, chto ne postig v pervyi raz ego krasotu, toch'-v-toch' kak Karamzin, s takoiu zhe tsel'iu stanovivshiisia na koleni pered reinskim vodopadom" (I felt like 'asking it for forgiveness on my knees' for not perceiving its beauty the first time, exactly like Karamzin, with the exact same goal, fell on his knees before the Rhine waterfall) (Dostoevskii V: 48).
But later Zemfira, weary of her outsider-husband, explains that her "heart asks for freedom" (serdtse voli prosit [4: 191]), and the starik, justifying Zemfira's adultery, tells Aleko that "here people are free" (zdes' liudi vol'ny [4: 193]).
A traducao da obra de Espronceda, O Estudante de Salamanca, e tambem atribuida a Herr Prosit, que subscreve de facto a segunda parte em forma de rascunho.
Prosit Neujahr (1917), perhaps the best of these early examples, finds revelers blowing kazoos with eyes bulging, an entire back-story of characterization worked into each of their faces.
Further north, German prost's Swedish cousin, prosit, is a false friend; it is the automatic response to someone sneezing.
When murderous Wally Blount (Madsen) arrives in town, Mike has to stop him and Prosit (Izzard), a German villain, from stealing a hidden horde of gold deep in Indian territory.