prosodic system

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Noun1.prosodic system - the system of accentuation used in a particular language
language system - a system of linguistic units or elements used in a particular language
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Investigating 12 languages from different language families and disparate regions of the African continent, linguists discuss the complete prosodic system of the language or languages, that is the tone and intonation and the interaction between the two.
Farrokhi: Ghaznavid court poet ode great theorist who lived in the late 4th and early 5th century, he spoke to the prosodic system and Zabihullah fun enough, we say: ((Sistan was the son of Ghulam Ali Khalaf lady, good humor and poetry extremely well told and gave more grip)) or ((the simplicity and elegance and tasteful Sheets and licorice Saadi who is the lyricism
In most Uralic languages (including those with fixed stress) the prosodic system is not trivial.
The amazing subtleties of effect great poets have achieved by finding the give in a prosodic system will eventually flash on a diligent student's mind.
introduction of the Yeongming prosodic system in its original, complex
In medieval poetics and into the Renaissance, as Sidney's remark suggests, the prosodic system of which rhyme is the main marker was seen as constitutive of poetry.
1997, The Prosodic System of Estonian in the Finnic Space.
In this article we present a description of some aspects of the prosodic system of the non-Austronesian (Papuan) language Kuot, spoken on New Ireland, Papua New Guinea.
The Livonian prosodic system has been quite thoroughly studied during the past years.
Let us first of all recall that even a very long sentence can have a completely flat intonation pattern, and hence no intonational substructuring, this being one of the primary features of the Wolof prosodic system (section 2).
Can this bewildering synchronic diversity be traced back to a single prosodic system at the Proto-TB (PTB) stage?
It has been suggested that the Estonian prosodic system was once very similar to that of contemporary Finnish, but later transformed significantly due to the apocope, syncope, and other sound changes (Lehiste 2003 : 47-48).