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A study, often using statistics, that identifies and draws relationships between various characters or people within a specific historical, social, or literary context: "an authentic tour de force of historical writing: part intellectual history, part cultural history, part prosopography" (Josiah Bunting III).

[Greek prosōpon, character; see prosopopeia + -graphy.]

pros′o·po·graph′i·cal (-pə-grăf′ĭ-kəl) adj.


1. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a description of a person's life and career
2. (Education) the study of such descriptions as part of history, esp Roman history
[C16: from New Latin prosopographia, from Greek prosōpon face, person + -graphy]
ˌprosoˈpographer n
prosopographical adj
ˌprosopoˈgraphically adv


(ˌprɒs əˈpɒg rə fi)
the collective investigation, esp. in ancient history, of the careers of people involved in the same enterprise or affiliated by kinship.
[1925–30; < Greek prósōpo(n) face, person + -graphy]
pros`o•pog′ra•pher, n.


1. a biographical sketch containing a description of a person’s appearance, qualities, and history.
2. a collection of such sketches. — prosopographer, n. See also facial features.
See also: History
1. Obsolete, a description of the face. See also history.
See also: Facial Features
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The essays review the history of the find, a number of relevant sciences (such as petrology, DNA, prosopography, palaeography), and Jewish burial practices of late antiquity.
Using the leadership of the Hunters' Lodge to define a cohort, I provide here a prosopography, or collective cultural biography of the founders of the illusory Republic of Canada and of the institutional and discursive world of this wider movement.
Thus, an idea that the author comes to again and again is "life stories," which he opposes to the more static prosopography and defines to mean how individuals might have thought of themselves in changing patterns over time as circumstances changed around them.
Logan is adroit not only with canonical procedure but also with prosopography.
4) In the case of historians working in ancient and medieval history, the sources for biography are limited, a situation that Robin Fleming uses to explain why scholars in these fields turn to prosopography, or multiple biographies.
This approach is a sociological and ethnological specification of historical methodology known as prosopography or collective biography applied to understand the formation processes of dispositions and genesis of specific fields of social action.
The focus of the tax department has shifted over time from subject matter experts to tax risk managers liaising with consultants, board members, audit committees, C-level executives, and regulatory agencies (Michael Donohoe, Gary McGill, and Edmund Outslay, "Risky Business: The Prosopography of Corporate Tax Planning," National Tax Journal, 2014, Vol.
By squeezing the restricted documentation as hard as he can for information on prosopography, the holding of titles and offices (with important remarks on terminology), wealth, property, place of residence, and castle ownership, Wickham in Chapter 5 traces changing social patterns and political roles through the rise and fall of thirteen families (e.
These performers/composers (sometimes both) have a common prosopography, which archival research has revealed and clarified through the words of their own petitions.
A collection of essays, Les Territoires du Communisme, explores municipal communism through micro-studies and comparison, drawing its tools from sociology, anthropology, prosopography and political science.
10) The other end of the spectrum may be prosopography, the amassing of voluminous amounts of personal data on large numbers of individuals in order to characterize a group of historical actors.
It will also be interdisciplinary in blending methodologies of textual analysis with prosopography and social network theory.