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"Bob Henderson's up there somewhere, been there three years now, swearing something big is going to happen, living off'n straight moose and prospecting around like a crazy man."
Still with unbounded faith in his hunch that a strike was coming in the Upper Country, his plan was to get together a party of four or five, and, if that was impossible, at least a partner, and to pole back up the river before the freeze-up to do winter prospecting. But the men of Forty Mile were without faith.
This was too patently a scheme of Harper's and Joe Ladue's, trying to entice prospecting in the vicinity of their town site and trading post.
Had he not, only a few days before, seen Carmack loafing with his Indians and with never a thought of prospecting?
I ask you straight: When did Carmack do this here prospecting? You said yourself he was lying in camp, fishing salmon along with his Siwash relations, and that was only the other day."
I went to sleep, and what does Skookum Jim do but try his hand at prospecting. He'd been watching Henderson, you see.
High-Profit Prospecting: Powerful Strategies to Find the Best Leads and Drive Breakthrough Sales Results
But it's not a reliable lead generation strategy, because you didn't initiate prospecting.
This seasons program consisted of prospecting, geological mapping and channelling; a total of 44 channels totalling 127.15m were cut and 359 assay samples were collected.
Measure your success using a long-term prospecting methodology.
"Following the results of prospecting works for 2011-2013 the company made revaluation of prospects of existing prospecting assets.
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