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The prostate gland.
Of or relating to the prostate gland.

[New Latin prostata, from Greek prostatēs (adēn), prostate (gland), from proïstanai, to set before : pro-, in front; see pro-2 + histanai, to set, place; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

pros·tat′ic (prŏ-stăt′ĭk) adj.


(Anatomy) of or relating to the prostate
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Adj.1.prostatic - relating to the prostate gland


a. prostático-a, rel. a la próstata;
___ hypertrophyhipertrofia ___, agrandamiento benigno de la próstata debido a la vejez.


adj prostático
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Ultrasound scan of the abdomen revealed prostatomegaly with the presence of a prostatic abscess of about 2.
8) The frequent digital examination would be difficult to blame as a risk factor for prostatic abscess as the prostate has protective fascial layers, and its ducts drain into the urethra where the infection usually starts.
The resected prostate fragments were sent for pathologic examination, which revealed patchy acute and chronic inflammation, with focal cavitary purulent debris, consistent with prostatic abscess.
A computed tomography scan of his abdomen and pelvis showed splenic abscesses, but no prostatic abscess was noted.
13] Also, KP has been the leading causative microorganism of emphysematous prostatic abscess, which is the lethal form of prostatic abscess.