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adj. pros·i·er, pros·i·est
1. Matter-of-fact and dry; prosaic.
2. Dull; commonplace.

[From prose.]

pros′i·ly adv.
pros′i·ness n.


adj, prosier or prosiest
1. of the nature of or similar to prose
2. dull, tedious, or long-winded
ˈprosily adv
ˈprosiness n


(ˈproʊ zi)

adj. pros•i•er, pros•i•est.
1. of the nature of or resembling prose.
2. prosaic; dull or commonplace.
pros′i•ly, adv.
pros′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.prosy - lacking wit or imagination; "a pedestrian movie plot"
uninteresting - arousing no interest or attention or curiosity or excitement; "a very uninteresting account of her trip"


[ˈprəʊzɪ] ADJ (prosier (compar) (prosiest (superl))) → prosaico, aburrido, monótono


adj (+er) (= boring)redselig; (= over-literary)schwülstig
References in classic literature ?
"This has been a dull, prosy day," yawned Phil, stretching herself idly on the sofa, having previously dispossessed two exceedingly indignant cats.
You open a book and try to read, but you find Shakespeare trite and commonplace, Dickens is dull and prosy, Thackeray a bore, and Carlyle too sentimental.
It was truly refreshing to hear such a sermon, after being so long accustomed to the dry, prosy discourses of the former curate, and the still less edifying harangues of the rector.
"I have read somewhere," laughed Anne, "that the first child is a poem but the tenth is very prosy prose.
The minister gave out his text and droned along monotonously through an argument that was so prosy that many a head by and by began to nod -- and yet it was an argument that dealt in limitless fire and brimstone and thinned the predestined elect down to a company so small as to be hardly worth the saving.
His best stories, essays, and poems went begging among them, and yet, each month, he read reams of dull, prosy, inartistic stuff between all their various covers.
This apartment is mine: leave it to me." "If you insist upon making your appearance here," said the tenant, who had had time to collect his presence of mind during this prosy statement of the ghost's, "I shall give up possession with the greatest pleasure; but I should like to ask you one question, if you will allow me." "Say on," said the apparition sternly.
But Aunt March had not this gift, and she worried Amy very much with her rules and orders, her prim ways, and long, prosy talks.
You will be pleased with my mother - she is a little vain and prosy about me, but that you can forgive her - and she will be pleased with you.'
But all the judges are alike for that, keeping a poor shirt up sometimes until midnight, listening to cursed dull lawyers, and prosy, caviling witnesses."
Then it was prose that was considered dull--hence we have the word prosy.
But you know my constitution--don't be prosy, Ned.'