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A form of colorblindness characterized by defective perception of red and confusion of red with green or bluish green.

[prot(o)- + an- + -opia (from the blindness to red, which is considered the first of the primary colors).]

pro′ta·nop′ic (-nŏp′ĭk) adj.


(Pathology) a form of colour blindness characterized by a tendency to confuse reds and greens and by a loss of sensitivity to red light
[C20: New Latin, from proto- + an- + -opia]
protanopic adj


a defect of the eyesight in which the retina does not respond to red. — protanope, n. — protanopic, adj.
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Noun1.protanopia - dichromacy characterized by lowered sensitivity to long wavelengths of light resulting in an inability to distinguish red and purplish blue
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To aid travelers afflicted by protanopia and protanomaly (more commonly known as red-green color blindness or red-blind), the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development installed specially equipped viewfinders featuring the latest technology lenses for alleviating red-green color deficiencies.
Protanopia is colour blindness resulting in insensitivity to which colour light?
Incidence of Protanopia and Deuteranopia, Defects of Colour Vision in Quetta, Pakistan.
R] was over one for the pseudoachromatic reds both for protanopia and deuteranopia, although predicted [L.
Protanopia and deuteranopia result when long wavelength (L) photopigments (red) and middle wavelength (M) photopigments (green) are missing, respectively.
Added Modes for Colour-blind Titan Pilots - three colour-blind options including protanopia, deuteranopia and tritanopia that affects IFF glows, crosshair colours and names above heads.
About 21 of subjects had deficient red green pattern, 13 had protanopia, 4 had deuteran defect and 8 had total colour blindness.
There are a few tests we can use but the most commonly used one is Ishihara colour plates, which easily detect protanopia (red/ green) colour deficiency.
Table 1 Prevalence of congenital colour deficiency types classified according to the number of colour matching variables needed to obtain all the spectral hues Type of colour deficiency Prevalence Class Denomination Men Women Protan Altered Protanopia Severe 1% 0.