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n. pl. prot·a·ses (-sēz′)
1. Grammar The dependent clause of a conditional sentence, as if it rains in The game will be canceled if it rains.
2. The first part of an ancient Greek or Roman drama, in which the characters and subject are introduced.

[Late Latin, proposition, first part of a play, from Greek, premise of a syllogism, conditional clause, from proteinein, prota-, to propose : pro-, forward; see pro-2 + teinein, to stretch; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

pro·tat′ic (prŏ-tăt′ĭk, prō-) adj.


n, pl -ses (-siːz)
1. (Logic) logic grammar the antecedent of a conditional statement, such as if it rains in if it rains the game will be cancelled. Compare apodosis
2. (Theatre) (in classical drama) the introductory part of a play
[C17: via Latin from Greek: a proposal, from pro- before + teinein to extend]
protatic adj


(ˈprɒt ə sɪs)

n., pl. -ses (-ˌsiz)
1. the clause expressing the condition in a conditional sentence, in English usu. beginning with if. Compare apodosis.
2. the first part of an ancient drama, in which the characters are introduced.
[1610–20; < Late Latin < Greek prótasis proposition, protasis =prota- s., in n. derivation, of proteínein to stretch out, offer, propose (pro- pro-2 + teínein to stretch) + -sis -sis]


Classical Drama, the first part of a play, when the characters are introduced. Cf. epitasis. See also grammar; wisdom. — protatic, adj.
See also: Drama
Rare. a proposition or maxim. See also drama; grammar.
See also: Wisdom
a clause containing the condition in a conditional sentence. Cf. apodosis. See also drama; wisdom and foolishness. — protatic, adj.
See also: Grammar
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Con los predicados telicos, si en la protasis del condicional el verbo contiene el aspecto imperfecto, resultara falso el condicional cuando en la apodosis se afirma que ya se realizo la situacion referida en la protasis; pero si el mismo predicado se presenta en la protasis con aspecto perfecto, el condicional resultara verdadero: "Si Alejandro esta construyendo un edificio, entonces ya lo construyo" es un condicional falso; "Si Alejandro ha construido un edificio, entonces ya lo construyo" es un condicional verdadero.
English or German) perspective, a non-past form in the protasis or apodosis of a real (factual) condition is to be expected; in contrast, Semitic languages allow for a much broader array of possibilities, mainly in hypotactic, but also in paratactic structures.
Even when no character is concerned, even without a protasis, the counterfactual constitutes the means of disclosure: "On the evening under consideration, it would have been noticed that, though the gloom had increased sufficiently to confuse the minor features of the heath, the white surface of the road remained almost as clear as ever" (RN 12).
protasis, epitasis, catastrophe, and even in plays like Campaspe and Sappho and Phao, sometimes printed in five acts) as well as engaged in the conversion of indoor spaces for the use of performing plays, a habit of conflating the two traditions, or assuming simply one, has rendered us unable to distinguish emerging practices from those that were lingering, particularly when examining the relationship between players and printed drama.
Partiendo desde la intercambiabilidad, las formas subjuntivas en las protasis intercambiables con el indicativo con diferencias de significado consistieron en un 34,48% (10 casos), el porcentaje mas alto de todos los tipos de oracion estudiados; de estas formas en las protasis intercambiables sin diferencias de significado no se presento ningun caso.
The discussion of the findings will first address the characteristic environments for the use of will and shall in the protasis of if-conditionals (5.
En el ejemplo (5) observamos el prototipico conector si en el marco de una cita directa enunciada por el beisbolista Mike Trout; el conector se ubica en la protasis para indicar la condicion.
By contrast, the only way in which one could legitimately say that the relationship of "following" as understood in the third sense is deniable would be if the nature of the subject of the protasis did not logically entail the nature of the subject of the apodosis.
64) Los textos de Nm 5, 19-20 corresponden a la protasis en la estructura narrativa del capitulo.
Other times the speaker's knowledge about a state of affairs is a precondition for establishing a conclusion, even though the causal relation between the content of the two clauses may be in the opposite direction; thus, the relation between protasis and apodosis is epistemic.
Debemos notar igualmente que al duodecimo verso pertenece la impresion referencial de la isotopia gobernada por la protasis "Es como si" compartida con las isotopias dominales del cuarto y octavo versos; pero, si se toman en secuencia las apodosis de dichos versos cuarto "[ellos] me hubieran puesto aretes" y octavo "[ellos] se hubieran orinado", esta del duodecimo verso "[ellos] se hubieran dado vuelta" es una especie de acto conclusivo: una vez cumplidas esas dos tareas, ellos habrian tornado las espaldas al narrador.