protected sex

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pro·tect·ed sex

Sexual intercourse in which a condom or other device is used to decrease the risk of pregnancy or transmitting disease.
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Having protected sex and using condoms is more important than ever.
SINN Fein leader Gerry Adams yesterday slammed "vile" claims his party protected sex abusers.
Mary's account illustrates a common constraint that most young women in this study faced when attempting to negotiate protected sex in their relationships.
After all, condoms are very affordable and accessible in Hong Kong so there really shouldn't be any excuse not to have protected sex.
Digital alteration of protected sex may pose an insurmountable financial burden on the speech and prevent amateur and low-budget producers and actors from speaking.
People say that if you make this available that kids will have more sex and less protected sex, and that is not true," University of Washington and lead author of the policy, Dr.
Most had been told by health workers that they had to use condoms to avoid infecting sexual partners, but their partners often refused to have protected sex.
The joy in the actors' faces captures the message we need to get across: that healthy, protected sex is life affirming and enriching.
The results also show an increase in the number of people taking precautions and having protected sex on their travels: 92% practiced safe sex on holiday in 2009 but last year this figure rose to 94%.
Judith Stonebridge, public health lead for sexual health at NHS North of Tyne, said: "If people are getting so drunk they can't remember what they did the night before, it's more than likely protected sex and condoms won't have been top of their priority list.
While disclosure of HIV status appeared to increase condom use, this did not always predict protected sex.
In a hundred years," writes Woolf, "women will have ceased to be the protected sex.