protected sex

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pro·tect·ed sex

Sexual intercourse in which a condom or other device is used to decrease the risk of pregnancy or transmitting disease.
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Last month, a jury acquitted him of having unprotected sex with another 15-year-old girl in woods near where she lived and in a flat, as well as protected sex with her in his silver Vauxhall Corsa.
After the spanking, during which hopefully we will both be very turned on, we would have some sexual fun including oral as a minimum but preferably also protected sex.
While latex condoms are considered a safe option when it comes to having protected sex, they can send r a guy or a girl into anaphylactic shock if he or she is allergic to the material.
Having protected sex and using condoms is more important than ever.
27) Dispelling the presumptive incompatibility between "autonomy" and "disability," we delineate three options for reforming sexual assault law: 1) refurbish (by reprioritizing and redefining) consent; 2) expand status restrictions on sexual relations: prohibit sexual conduct not only between parents and their children and teachers and their students, but also across other relations of dependence; 3) specify persons with disabilities as a protected sex class: apply an accommodation model of disability--that is not merely an antidiscrimination model--to sex law.
A person who thinks using a condom guarantees safe and protected sex may be led to adopt even more risky behavior.
Mary's account illustrates a common constraint that most young women in this study faced when attempting to negotiate protected sex in their relationships.
In addition, nearly half either strongly disagreed (9%) or disagreed (40%) that engaging in protected sex did not put them at risk for contracting HPV.
After all, condoms are very affordable and accessible in Hong Kong so there really shouldn't be any excuse not to have protected sex.
Digital alteration of protected sex may pose an insurmountable financial burden on the speech and prevent amateur and low-budget producers and actors from speaking.
If female condoms were to be promoted along with male condoms it would increase the total number of protected sex acts.
Most had been told by health workers that they had to use condoms to avoid infecting sexual partners, but their partners often refused to have protected sex.