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If he had entered with a pistol in his hand he would scarcely have disturbed her trust in his protectiveness.
Andrea is a complicated protagonist who draws out protectiveness and sympathy from her audience even as her actions veer into deeply questionable territory.
The Tandang Sora Award is conferred onthe city's outstanding women who exemplify the heroine's traits of honesty, industry, service, word of honor, kindness, caring, and protectiveness.
Both Dara's and Ethan's roads to healing and acceptance are believable, and Dara's family's feelings of protectiveness, fear and helplessness in the face of her suffering are realistically depicted.
The President's protectiveness of lawmen involved in questionable killings speaks volumes.
Mendelsohn added:"Then it's the protectiveness of Latveria wrapped in that Cold War vibe.
Semblant has demonstrated the elite protectiveness of their smartphone nanocoating technology by achieving IPX7 certification across multiple, top-tier mobile devices.
I appreciate his protectiveness, but I am thinking it might also be jealousy, and I don't want to end up with a squabble on my hands.
Each step is carefully explained so as to make parents more attuned to the most effective way to balance protectiveness with realistic preparation for danger.
The modified remedy does not appear to increase the potential human health or ecological risk, or alter the protectiveness of the remedy.
His protectiveness of key assets is why players tend to follow him around.
Avishai Ben-Chaim, an Israeli journalist, told Channel 10, "We can see the duality in attitudes and discussion with Shas rabbis -- on one hand, very harsh words against gentiles and against Arabs but on the other hand, protectiveness of the nation.