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Relating to, characterized by, or promoting proteolysis.

pro′te·o·lyt′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.proteolytic - of or relating to proteolysis
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The main obstacle to its development has been getting the medicationpast the hostile proteolytic environment of the stomach and intestine without destroying the protein itself.
Contract notice: Open procedure with using it systems for the supply of three-year disinfectants, antiseptics, and detergents the proteolytic health authorities and hospitals of calabria.
In cancer, the powerhouse systemic enzymes are proteolytic (protein eating).
It lightens UV-induced skin pigmentation and works by accelerating proteolytic degradation of tyrosinase.
It is often referred to as a proteolytic enzyme, or proteinase.
It has been demonstrated that LAB are important in dairy products specially in fermented milk processing because (i) they increase food safety through the release of lactic acid and bacteriocins, (ii) produce aromas and flavor and accelerate the maturation process of cheese via their proteolytic and lipolytic activities, bringing economic advantages to the industry, (iii) bring about desirable food textures via release of polysaccharides that increase the viscosity and firmness, and reduce susceptibility to syneresis, (iv) they may be used to deliver polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, leading to dairy products with increased nutritional value (Parvez et al, 2006).
The central hypothesis of this study is that proteolytic activity in the tumor microenvironment (not necessarily originating from tumor cells) may liberate peptides that enter the circulation.
mykiss was established on four media: tryptone soya agar (OXOID) was chosen for isolation of total heterotrophic bacteria (THB), milk agar for proteolytic bacteria (PB) as a separate group of total heterotrophic bacteria, PB were identified according to the zones of protein (casein) hydrolysis on milk agar, MacConkey agar (OXOID) was used for total coliform bacteria (TCB).
Their topics include the fundamentals and fun of biocatalysis, marine enzymes with applications for the biosynthesis of fine chemicals, three types of proteolytic enzymes in the hepatopancreas of Japanese common squid Todarodes pacificus as studied by the degradation of fish muscle proteins, stereoselective synthesis using marine enzymes, the production and applications of ligninolytic enzymes from marine-derived fungi, and the biosynthesis of trehalose and sugar-glycerate compatible solutes in organisms that live in hot and saline environments.
We also found that curcumin, CCL2 and PMA, in part, function through the differential regulation of the proteolytic protein matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-9.
Proteolytic cleavage of this quenched 5-FAM-QXL[TM] 520 conjugate yields a brightly green fluorescence, which can be continuously monitored at Ex/Em= 490/520 nm.
Taking a therapeutic enzyme supplement high in proteolytic activity to assist the body in purification.